What You Can Expect


The stunt show will consist of armed guards interacting with your clients at the start of the evening.

Then at the end of the MD’s speech the stunt sequences will begin and will involve various stunning combat scenes.

The finale will be a spectacular fire fight between James Bond in partnership with the SAS, and the Russians and their leader, eventually resulting in Bond saving the day and leaving your guests not shaken, but most definitely stirred!



Whether you are holding a ‘Cotton Club’ style revue, 1930’s theme night or just want to add that something extra to a special occasion, The Pastiche Stunt Team have years of experience with putting on high quality performances based on the Prohibition era and can provide exciting set-pieces to thrill your guests with four participants upwards. As with all The Pastiche Stunt Team events, they are able to tailor the entire evening to suit your requirements. All the performers are experienced actors as well as stunt performers and will maintain character and American accents throughout the evening.

Gangsters & Molls


Whether a fight for a ladies honour, a duel between Sir Lancelot and Mordred or the traditional St George versus the Turkish Knight, The Pastiche Stunt Team provide you with a great display with bone crunching realism that will really get the audience going!

Throughout the evenings the knights can be available for many duties: guard of honour for your VIP’s, meeting and greeting at the door or simply mingling in with the guests to add more colour and spectacle to the event.



Need a thrilling centre-piece or some added atmosphere to get your guests into the spirit of the event? Caribbean cut-throats will astound and amaze any crowd with a breathtaking display of swashbuckling action so come on board and join them as they set sail for the Spanish Main.



All the skill of years of training are brought together in a brutal display of fast moving action that will please both Nero, the audience and the gods alike as the UK’s premier live swordsmen work to make your event memorable beyond words!


The world’s most recognisable Special Forces are brought to life in a vivid and exciting display from The Pastiche Stunt Team, the UK’s Premier live action stunt performers. Using armed and unarmed combat, abseiling, armoured vehicles, helicopters or even scuba skills and movie special effects we will deliver a hard hitting and highly visual display as we crash through windows and ceilings or hurtle from the tops of buildings guns blazing.


The Pastiche Stunt Team can now bring the ultimate comic book heroes to any event, whether a product launch, sales conference, building opening or a themed party. Superheroes available are: Superman, Batman and Robin, Wolverine, Iron Man, Jean Grey, Power Ranger, Catwoman.


From Client Entertainment to Product Launches, Conferences to Awards Ceremonies and Private Parties, our passion is to create unique, exceptional and enthralling events.