What You Can Expect


Major brands and large corporate organisations have been trusting Pastiche as conference organisers to produce astonishing events for nearly two decades. Our unique approach, industry leading creative team and extensive suite of event management services means we’re ideally equipped to tackle any brief, no matter how large or small.

As your trusted conference organiser, Pastiche is dedicated to delivering engaging and impactful conferences that empower you to communicate effectively with your target audience while strengthening your brand. 

With our experienced event management team and comprehensive services, we ensure stress-free planning and execution, allowing you to focus on what truly matters: a successful and memorable event.


As conference event organiser specialists, we boast over 25 years of experience. From strategic planning to meticulous execution, we take care of all conference management requirements, ensuring your event runs smoothly and adheres to deadlines.

We take pride in providing tailor-made events that align with your vision. Our team works closely with you, from concept to delivery, ensuring your unique requirements are met and your dream event becomes a reality.

Bespoke Event Solutions:

Venue selection is crucial, our team of event planners will help you decide on the most suitable venue for your conference, whether you prefer the vibrant streets of London, the cultural hub of Manchester, the bustling city of Birmingham, the lively atmosphere of Leeds, or the charm of Newcastle.

Delegate registration is made simple with our efficient and user-friendly registration process. We handle the paperwork, making sure every delegate is accounted for.

Leveraging the power of social media, we enhance your event’s reach and engagement. Our social media experts craft compelling campaigns to generate excitement and buzz around your conference.

Our team ensures every aspect of your conference is impeccably organised, leaving no room for hidden costs or last-minute surprises.

We design a comprehensive and engaging conference programme that covers all essential topics while providing ample networking opportunities.

Leave the project management to us, allowing you to focus on the core aspects of your event. Our expertise ensures every detail is managed flawlessly.


Plan your next successful conference with confidence. Get in touch with our experienced conference event organisers and let’s transform your vision into an extraordinary reality. Contact us today to get started.

FAQs for Conference Event Organisation

Organising a conference for the first time may seem overwhelming, but with the support of experienced conference event organisers, the process becomes more manageable. We guide you through every step of the planning process, from understanding your objectives and special requirements to selecting the perfect conference venue and crafting a detailed plan for the whole event. Our event planners are here to ensure your first conference is a success.

Conference event management involves overseeing and coordinating different aspects of the event, from conception to completion. Our team of experts handles all the hard work, ensuring smooth operations, seamless execution, and a successful day of the event. By entrusting us with conference event management, you can focus on delivering engaging content and networking with attendees, knowing that every detail is taken care of.

Even if you have enough time on your hands, hiring conference event organisers is still a good idea. Our expertise and experience bring invaluable insights and efficiency to the planning process. With our help, you can avoid common pitfalls, access a wide network of resources, and create a memorable event that leaves a lasting impression on your attendees.

Our conference event organisers have a wealth of experience in managing various types of events, ranging from small-scale workshops to large international conferences. Regardless of the size or nature of your event, we have the expertise to tailor our services to meet your specific needs and ensure a successful outcome.

At Pastiche, we prioritise understanding your unique requirements. Through close communication and collaboration, we meticulously incorporate all your special requests into the event plan. Our comprehensive approach ensures that no detail is overlooked, and we strive to create a seamless experience for both you and your attendees.