What You Can Expect


Relive the childhood excitement of the circus rolling into town with Pastiche’s unique transformation of your event and venue.

This theme caters to a diverse range of guests and events, blending the wonderment of a fairground with the enchantment of a magical circus.

Imagine a show that takes you on an unforgettable journey into a world of magic, mystery, and imagination, featuring a dynamic fusion of circus, dance, spellbinding illusions, and heart-thumping music!

Prepare to be enthralled as our world-class artists showcase their outstanding talents in this truly magical Circus Of Illusion Show.

Our Production adds a touch of class and amazement that will elevate any ordinary event into an evening to be cherished for years.


Ideal for Award Dinners, Theme Nights, Corporate Events, special events at Venues, and Theatres seeking a spectacular show.

Perfect for Fairs, Fete’s, and outdoor Events, adaptable to seasonal events like Halloween Shows and Christmas Shows.

We can customise the Circus Of Illusion show to suit your needs, requirements, and budget, while tailoring it to the venue’s constraints.

Depending on the venue, our Fire Performers, Silk Aerialists, Hoop Aerialists, and death-defying Escapologist can add even more excitement to the show!

In venues without aerial rigging or fire capabilities, we have alternative acts, such as our Lollipop Aerialist, and other daring escapes that can be performed on a stage or dance floor.

Alongside our Illusionists & Escapologist, we can include any number of our World Class Circus Performers, and for an extra Wow factor, our West-End calibre Singers!

To immerse Guests in the Circus atmosphere from the start, our Acts can perform while mingling with the audience during pre-dinner drinks.



From Client Entertainment to Product Launches, Conferences to Awards Ceremonies, and Private Parties, our passion is to create unique, exceptional, and enthralling events.

Get ready for a magical experience that blends world-class circus artists, thrilling routines, and incredible acts that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

Escape into a world of mystery and mayhem, where performers levitate, juggle, and execute mind-blowing tricks that will keep your eyes peeled and leave you in awe.

Prepare to be captivated by an excellent show of skill and talent, ensuring every member of the audience enjoys a truly magical experience!

FAQs - Circus Of Illusion

Circus Of Illusion is a captivating performance that will keep you enthralled for anything up to a 60 minute show.. From the moment the ringmaster takes the stage, prepare to be whisked away on a journey filled with fantasy, magic that will leave you amazed, and a show of mystery and mayhem. Our expertly choreographed acts, impressive contortionists, and thrilling illusions ensure an unforgettable experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the entire performance.

Absolutely! Circus Of Illusion boasts a lineup of world-class magicians who are guaranteed to astound you with their mesmerising tricks and mind-bending visual illusions.

Visual illusions are a fascinating aspect of Circus Of Illusion's performance. These illusions play with the mind's perception and manipulate our senses to create extraordinary effects. Our talented illusionists masterfully use various techniques, such as misdirection,, and cleverly designed props, to create seemingly impossible feats. Through their skillful execution, they produce an impressive display that will leave you in awe and wondering how they performed their magical acts. fascinated by visual illusions, or simply looking for a performance that will leave you amazed, Circus Of Illusion promises an evening of extraordinary entertainment. So sit back, enjoy the show, and prepare to be captivated by our ringmaster and a cast of exceptional performers who will take you on a journey of wonder and fantasy!