What You Can Expect


Our School Days Theme Party takes you back to your days of break-dancing, snogging to slow dances and smoking in the toilets, along with a whole host of entertainment to put you back in the shoes of your childhood!

So whether you are looking for a unique slant on your celebration or corporate event, or maybe looking to arrange a school re-union, our School Days Theme Party could be just the ticket.

  • A journey from a Primary School to Secondary School.
  • School playground games including space-hoppers, hopscotch, giant Jenga/Connect 4 and table football.
  • Milk and biscuits’ reception drinks.
  • Dinner and entertainment.
  • School-themed classrooms with a whole host of activities.
  • Live stage show with a variety of acts.
  • Obligatory ‘school disco’.

Party Ideas

During the course of the evening, your guests will make their trip back in time by starting off in the junior school and making their way up to senior school, where each and every guest will attend a class taken by the headmaster.

As your guests arrive, they will enter the school playground of the Junior School, where it is ‘break time’. Set up around the room will be a variety of playground games such as hopscotch, space hoppers, skipping ropes, giant jenga, giant connect four and table football. After receiving their milk and biscuits (reception drinks), it will be time to enter the main dining room and enter the world of the SENIOR SCHOOL!

Around the dining room will be different areas of the school, so that the pupils have the opportunity to visit each and every aspect of being back at school.

The Art Room – a large graffiti wall where a variety of pens will be available for you to scribble slogans, such as ‘Mandy Woz Ere’.

The Music Room – the disco, where you can make your requests.

The Games Room – where there will be a selection of arcade games such as Space Invaders, Pac man and Lady Bug.

The History Room – will be where a selection of pictures of selected guests aged 12 will be displayed for all to see. The fun starts when you have to guess who is who, enter the details in your jotter and pass to one of the prefects who will later announce the winner.

Behind the Bike Sheds – a couple of old chopper bikes and BMXs in one corner will be the designated smoking area.

The Headmaster’s Office – this is the stage and on it will be a large blackboard with a wooden desk in front of it, behind which the headmaster will seat himself once all his pupils are present. As the first course is served, the whistle goes again and the Headmaster asks for silence. He then proceeds to take the register and each pupil must respond ‘Here Sir’, unless he wishes to be taken to the Headmaster’s office and receive his punishment accordingly.

Once the dinner comes to an end, it’s time for the school disco to start in earnest, as all you would be Michael Jacksons and Kylie Minogues take to the dance floor. For those not so inclined, then the call of the Games Room, Art Room or even a trip back to the school playground might be more applicable.


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