What You Can Expect


You pull on your flares, tidy up your afro and reach for the platform shoes that are the envy of the whole room. You’re gliding into the venue, meeting classic sitcom characters, cult hits like Saturday Night Fever, and iconic bands in the form of the one and only ABBA.

The glitter balls catch your eye, the music blares through the speakers and the flares and tie dye are everywhere you look. Before you know it Basil Fawlty and Manuel are arguing, the music is getting you in the groove, and the 70s are back for one night only. You just have to sit back and enjoy it as the clock ticks down to the time the ball drops and the Funky Disco Divas hit the stage…

The Divas warm things up, ABBA take it to the next level, and you’re left tapping your feet and loving the beat. Could there be a better way to close out the decade that you never want to leave?

All you have to do now is keep tight lipped about the finale we’ve planned as you get ready to rush the stage and belt out a classic…

You’ve got this far, so you have to go one step further. This is your night to become a legend, to get up on stage, and to make the whole room get on their feet as you put your own spin on a hit that’s sure to close the show in style. You’ve got this!


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