What You Can Expect


Guests are enticed by our fire entrance, with 10ft Giant Roman pillars and red carpet, bordered with our flambeaux (living flame light) machines or our real choreographed fire machines and LED uplights. The reception area will be the fire theme, where the room will be lit up with red and yellow lights.

Fire Artistes can entertain your guests at the reception with their talent, whilst stilt walkers in red-hot outfits can mix and mingle with guests while they drink their champagne.

The main conference room will be set in a cold and icy tone with white and blue LED uplights to give that icy glow. For the table decorations, we can provide frosty ice melt table centres which are lit from below giving off a cool white light and illuminating the tall vase that stands above it. Towards the top of the vase, a giant ice snowball slowly melts throughout the evening and drips over icicles which have formed inside the vase. This is beautifully finished off with an ice garland wrapped around the vase.

With backdrops adorning the walls and giant snowflakes around the room, guests will almost feel the chill factor.

Mix and mingle acts and performers in the room can entertain guests, before and during the meal. These can consist of Living Statues, Ice Crystal Contact Juggler, Ice Acrobats and Ice angels to name but a few.

After your meal, the fire and ice spectacular begin: be amazed by the Ice Sculpting Artist who will wield his chainsaw to a dramatic music and light show, as shards of ice shimmer onto the floor. This is followed by The Enchanted Globe; as if in a dream, these acrobats perform a mesmerising routine, completely encased in a giant inflatable globe as snowdrift gently down.

The spotlight then turns to our Ice Maidens, who amaze guests in a 10-15 minute show of music and light, before leaving guests to be warmed up by the spectacular Angle Grinding Extravaganza!

The evening can be rounded off by a red-hot band, or alternatively by a cool DJ & Disco, complete with a snow machine. Guests can also try their luck on the snowboard simulators – if they are feeling brave!


From Client Entertainment to Product Launches, Conferences to Awards Ceremonies and Private Parties, our passion is to create unique, exceptional and enthralling events.