What You Can Expect

Extra Bite

Whether you are looking for a different twist on our Halloween Theme, or simply looking for a spine-chilling way to keep you and your guests “entertained” with an evening of terror, our Vampire Themed Parties offer an event that could be straight from the can of the latest Hollywood blockbuster horror movie.

With an incredible variety of entertainment and stunning special effects, we recommend you bring your crucifix and your garlic, although steak may be off the menu!

Bringing to life the myth and legend that is Count Dracula, our Vampire theme party ideas and events can take the form of the original Bram Stoker classic, or we can incorporate a more modern twist on the Vampire theme – the choice is yours.


  • Cocktail and champagne passed around by our seductive Vampirettes in reception.
  • An Eerie setting of your choice for your venue from Dracula’s castle to a Vampire’s Lair.
  • A sumptuous feast with an accompanying glass of red proving popular!
  • Entertainers including close-up magicians and fire artists creating a mesmerising display.
  • Vampire-themed stage show featuring our stunning Vampiress Dancing troupe.
  • DJ & disco to see out the night.


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