What You Can Expect

Circus Themed Event Planner- What You Can Expect

We can create a Circus in a venue, or to really create the theme we can stage everything in our Circus Big Top Tent !!

Circus Big Top

Circus ring dance floor.

Stilt Walkers 

Variety of circus themed entertainers  including but not limited to Illusionists, Acrobats, Jugglers, Aerialists to name but a few of the many acts we have available.

We can provide a Circus Theme without Clowns, so as to protect Guests with coulrophobia (Fear of Clowns).

We can also provide a twisted Circus, which features more darker acts and verging on the bizarre.

Circus Themed Entertainment - Experience all the Thrills

As your guests arrive, they’ll be greeted by awe-inspiring Fire Artistes performing outside the front doors of the venue. We can supply a big top circus marquee or alternatively create an indoor marquee circus tent within your function venue – the choice is yours.

Your guests enter the venue through ‘The Greatest Show On Earth’ arched entrance, surrounded by vibrant yellow and red drapes reminiscent of the classic circus atmosphere. The circus ring dance floor in the middle, with the tables surrounding it, sets the stage for an exciting experience.

Stilt Walkers will be mixing and mingling with guests, welcoming them to this big top extravaganza.

Jugglers will be showing off their skills and entertaining the crowds, while typical Circus music plays in the background, adding to the atmosphere.


All of a sudden, the music stops, and the Ringmaster appears at the entrance to the tent, asking everyone to take their seats ready for dinner. As your guests sip their drinks and enjoy their meal, they will witness many tricks as they see a Close Up Magician performing spectacular magic.

After dinner, it is time for the real fun and games to start, as the music suddenly changes to that of a traditional circus. The lights go down, and The Ringmaster appears in the middle of the ring, cracking his whip as he talks.

It’s time to introduce to you each of the larger than life, breath-taking entertainment acts, one by one, as you prepare to enter the world of the Circus.

Various acts are available and can range from a Strong Man to Trapeze Artistes, Aerialists to Contortionists, Jugglers to Acrobats to Illusionists. As the show comes to an end, it’s time for the DJ to take over as you all take centre stage in the ring and dance the night away.

“Just join the circus like you wanted to when you were a kid. Climb aboard before it moves on, and you’ll thank your lucky stars you did” (“Join The Circus” from Barnum the Musical).



From Client Entertainment to Product Launches, Conferences to Awards Ceremonies, and Private Parties, our passion is to create unique, exceptional, and enthralling events. We specialise in planning corporate events with a circus twist, offering creative event production and bringing the magic of the big top to any occasion.

So, step right up and let Pastiche Circus Theme Party Organisers create a magical, unforgettable event for you and your guests. Join the circus, relive your childhood dreams, and dance the night away in the mesmerising circus ring. Your unforgettable circus-themed party awaits!


A themed party is an event where all elements, including decorations, costumes, activities, and entertainment, are centred around a specific theme or concept. This theme can be inspired by various ideas, such as a particular era, movie, or concept like "The Greatest Showman." Themed parties aim to immerse guests in a unique and cohesive experience that aligns with the chosen theme. In contrast, a regular party typically lacks a specific theme and may have a more casual or generic approach, with less emphasis on coordinating all aspects of the event around a particular idea.

The "Greatest Show" theme is an exhilarating and captivating choice for a party due to its association with the magical world of the circus and the allure of the greatest circus performances. Inspired by "The Greatest Showman" movie or the classic circus ambiance, this theme offers a thrilling opportunity to bring together a wide array of circus performers, acrobats, jugglers, and other circus acts to entertain guests. The grandeur and spectacle of the theme can impress attendees, creating an unforgettable experience that sets it apart from traditional party themes.