What You Can Expect

Party Ideas

“Walk the plank” entrance into your venue

Lookalikes of lead characters from the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie

Pirate themed sets, including palm trees, smuggler’s coves, bamboo screens, treasures, and a Caribbean beach backdrop.

Dinner followed by swash-buckling display of swordsmanship and incredible combat stunts.

A stunning grand finale which is not to be missed!

And look out for some surprises in the props for you and your guests to discover!

Your Party

Shiver me timbers, grab yourself a bottle of rum and come with us, to find some pieces of eight. Pastiche brings all the debauchery and mischief of the ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ to your venue with our Pirates Theme Party or corporate event.

Upon arrival at the pirate ship/venue, you must walk the plank to gain entrance. Once you have been checked for weapons by the Captains Crew, you will be welcomed and greeted by our very own Captain Jack and his frisky maids, who in turn will offer you the finest rum on the seven seas, to get your timbers shivering!

Guests then make their way to the main dining room, through our impressive Smugglers cove entranceway. This entranceway actually looks like a doorway into a hidden cave or crevice.


As the guests enter the room, they will instantly feel as if they have been transported to the Caribbean, with huge palm trees, bamboo screens, Caribbean beach backdrop and sand. Amongst the Caribbean props, the guests will notice a few surprises, such as buried treasure, pirate cannons, sticks of dynamite and the odd dead pirate.

Captain Jack fires his musketeer and announces that dinner is served. Once dinner has finished, our Caribbean cut throats will astound and amaze guests, with a breath-taking display of swashbuckling action.

It begins with the audience witnessing Elizabeth Swann and a drunken Jack Sparrow, involved in a heated exchange with scintillating sword work and combat stunts.


This leads on to Captain Barbossa, who has been searching for the cursed Aztec treasure. With the timely re-appearance of Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth, they discover the blood ritual which is required to take place, to lift the Aztec curse.

In keeping with the movies, this all goes horribly wrong for Barbossa, as swords and pistols come out to resolve the dire situation. After a dazzling duel with cutlasses between the pirates and Jack Sparrow, you’ll have to wait and see if the curse is finally lifted and whether Jack actually recovers The Black Pearl.

So come on board and join us, as we set sail for the Spanish Main and experience the magic for yourself with the Pastiche “Pirates of the Caribbean” Theme Night.



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