What You Can Expect


Step into your event through a “Walk the plank” entrance, setting the stage for a pirate party like no other. Be greeted by lookalikes of Jack Sparrow and other iconic characters from the “Pirates of the Caribbean,” bringing the theme to life. Transform your venue with pirate themed sets featuring palm trees, bamboo screens, and a smugglers cove, all against a Caribbean beach backdrop, complete with hidden treasures.

Enjoy a dinner that leads into an exhilarating display of swordsmanship and combat stunts, showcasing the adventurous spirit of a true pirate. The evening culminates in a grand finale that promises to be unforgettable.

Keep an eye out for fun surprises hidden among the props, designed to delight you and your guests, making every moment of the party an exciting discovery.


Embrace the spirit of adventure and join us for a journey where the excitement of ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ comes alive at your venue, transforming it into an unforgettable pirate-themed party or corporate event. Upon your arrival, dare to walk the plank into the venue or pirate ship, where you’re meticulously checked for weapons by the Captain’s Crew, ensuring a thrilling start to your evening.

You’ll be warmly greeted by our very own Captain Jack Sparrow and his lively maids, who will present you with the finest rum to set the mood for a night of high seas adventure. As you proceed, take in the ambiance of our Smugglers Cove entranceway, designed to transport you through a doorway leading into the mysteries of a hidden cave, setting the stage for an evening filled with intrigue and excitement. Welcome aboard, and let the adventure take you on an unforgettable journey!


Upon entering, guests will immediately be whisked away to the Caribbean, greeted by towering palm trees, bamboo screens, a serene Caribbean beach backdrop, and authentic sand underfoot. Scattered throughout this tropical paradise, attendees will discover hidden gems, including buried treasure, imposing pirate cannons, sticks of dynamite, and the occasional motionless pirate, adding an element of surprise and wonder.

It takes an exciting turn as Captain Jack signals the start of dinner with the blast of his musketeer. Following the meal, guests will be captivated by a spectacular performance from our Caribbean pirates, showcasing a breath-taking display of swashbuckling action.

Starting with a thrilling encounter between Elizabeth Swann and a drunken Jack Sparrow. Engaging in a spirited duel, marked by expert swordplay and bold combat manoeuvres, captivates the audience with its intensity and skill.


This proceeds into Captain Barbossa’s relentless quest for the cursed Aztec treasure. As Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth make a timely return, they uncover the necessity of a blood ritual to break the Aztec curse.

True to the cinematic tales, Barbossa’s plans unravel dramatically, leading to a showdown of swords and pistols. Following the intense cutlass duel between the pirates and Jack Sparrow, the audience will have to wait and see if the curse is finally lifted and whether Jack actually recovers The Black Pearl.

Embark with us on a journey to the Spanish Main and immerse yourself in the enchantment with our “Pirates of the Caribbean” Theme Night.



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