What You Can Expect


  • Aztec themed drinks reception area.
  • An array of entertainers and artists to greet your guests.
  • Incredible Aztec and Tomb themed lighting, props and décor.
  • Aztec street performers with Bed of Nails, Sword Ladder, Fortune Tellers and much more.
  • Full Indiana Jones Stage Set.
  • Mesmerising dance act provided by the ‘Aztec Girls’.
  • Indian Jones theme stage show involving our jaw-dropping stunt team.

Party Ideas

Guests gather with excitement and anticipation as they prepare for the grand unveiling of the Gold from the lost city of Aztec. The Gold is being exhibited at the venue for one night only. Recently, the gold has been discovered after being lost for hundreds of years by Hernando Cortes, a Spanish explorer in the early 1500s, who was famous for his march across Mexico and his conquering of the Aztec Empire. During his time, he received gold and jewels, which have since been rediscovered by Indiana Jones and is now on show as part of this evening’s exhibit.

Your guests arrive greeted by fire artistes performing outside the front doors of the venue. Upon entry, guests will experience stilt walkers in full Aztec costumes, together with Aztec street performers, such as the Bed of Nails and Sword Ladder act.

For guests who have a spiritual curiosity, they may choose to have a reading from the Aztec Sand Reader, who will tell their future from the circles in the sand. German Guards, dressed in desert beige uniforms are on patrol and Aztec costumed girls will serve drinks to guests.


At the entrance to the main room, guests will be met by two German Security guards, who will ask for their password before allowing access to the room, where the Aztec Gold is on display. Should guests get the password wrong, then access is denied and they could even be shot for being a traitor. As they enter into the main room, it is like being transported into another world with a full Indiana Jones Stage Set plus Aztec and Tomb themed backdrops, lighting and props decorating the room.

Dinner is served and background music is played, whilst a Close Up Magician, in costume, will entertain guests during courses and various characters will mix and mingle with guests throughout the dinner. As the meal comes to an end, the ‘Aztec Girls’ take to the stage and perform their stunning dance routines. In full Aztec costumes, they take the stage by storm, and as their set comes to an end, an approaching aircraft is heard, followed by an audio explosion, and the dancers flee in panic as the room is plunged into darkness.


German troops immediately take control of the room and after securing it, Von Klinkerhausen enters. He takes the stage and is just starting his dialogue when he is informed that Indiana Jones has been spotted entering the site. With him is the beautiful heiress Victoria, whose family has financed the retrieval of the Aztec Gold; but she is, in fact, working for the British Government, who do not want the Aztec Gold to fall into German hands. Von Klinkerhausen orders his men to take up positions in an ambush, as he hides in the audience.

As Indy and Victoria enter the room and approach the treasure, the Germans spring their ambush. Who will survive, and who will be victorious, in this spectacular live-action stunt show.

Experience the Pastiche Indiana Jones Theme Night for yourself; we can guarantee you won’t be disappointed!



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