What You Can Expect


Full of mystery, intrigue and style, there can hardly be a more glamorous theme for an event than our masquerade themed ball. From the moment your guests step onto the red carpet, they’ll be transported back to 16th century Venice in its splendour.

Opulence is everywhere as ball gowns flow and every one of your guests stays incognito with the use of their ornate masks at this Masquerade ball party or Venetian Masquerade ball. With our Venetian party your guests will find it hard to believe that they are not attending a period Venetian ball in a bygone era.

Party Ideas

A huge part of the Masquerade Ball Theme is the selection of period and Venetian-themed entertainment!

To ensure the evening is one of divine decadence, chose our Performers and Entertainment such as:

  • Aerialists
  • Stilt Walkers
  • Champagne Dress Hostess
  • Masquerade Hostesses
  • Masked jugglers & Jesters
  • Masked ball dancers & Fire performers
  • Musicians
  • Magicians
  • Masquerade Illusion Shows

Classic Themes

We can also combine classic event theming with quirkier elements such as gaming tables, photo booths and party bands for a fully immersive experience.

A masquerade party is one theme we suggest you go all out.

Silk or velvet room drapes can transform any venue and set the mood. Candles, candles and more candles of all shapes and sizes are essential.

Large bespoke themed props create drama and we love projecting mask images on walls and ceilings.

Table centres can include glass vases filled with feathers and beads or gold candelabra whilst sequins scattered on tables will create some sparkle.

Colour schemes to consider are royal blue and gold, black, gold and red, purple and green or black, white and silver.

Of course you should aim to finish the evening with a grand reveal where everyone has to remove their masks on the stroke of midnight.


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