What You Can Expect


Let us bring the fun of the Americas to your very doorstep! Prepare to be amazed as we transform your venue into a live action, dazzling display of carnival exuberance.

The Carnival theme is a highlight of celebration and having a good time, with the Rio carnival feel, there is always a feel glad factor when we set this theme up. You can have the beautiful showgirls and dancers in brightly coloured costumes and feathers, these are great for photographs. We have all the best acts and entertainers for the Carnival theme, which is just an excuse for fun, fun, fun.

We’ll take your breath away with a feast of bright colours, sumptuous fabrics and stunning backdrops. Your ears will dance to the tune of samba beats as feathered showgirls in magnificent costumes delight and entertain, fire performers enthral and street magicians mesmerise.

leave guests spellbound

Known throughout the world – the Rio Carnival is the perfect theme for anyone throwing the party of the year.

Guests can be forgiven for thinking they were in Rio de Janeiro, when we provide our Brazilian Rio Carnival Theme. Pastiche can provide a group of beautiful and professional Latin American Dancers, who leave guests spellbound with a fantastic and energetic dance show.

During the evening, guests can be entertained with:

  • Choreographed Routines
  • Lambada Couples
  • Salsa Couples and Groups
  • The most beautiful Brazilian Samba Dancers
  • Capoeira and Axe martial art demonstrations
  • Batucada Drummers

The sounds and colours

Pastiche brought the colours, sounds and movements from the most exotic parts of the country. Our glamorous dancers, glittering costumes and Brazilian choreography gave an energetic flavour to the event, while Copacaband percussionists and professional Brazilian performers impressed the audience with their energetic rhythms. Experience an extravagant show for yourself as we take you on a dazzling and unforgettable journey through Brazil and other parts of Latin America.


Our Brazilian Drummers are some of the most talented musicians in the UK, we have hand picked them to play along side the dance group to bring the perfect sound of Rio Carnival. The Drummers first applied their trade on the streets of Brazil, were they took part in many carnivals and Samba schools, they have fine tuned their skills and now apply them to our group.


Our Capoeira Dancers are simply the best, they have one many awards, not only in Brazil, but around the world, we are so lucky to have them with us at Pastiche. They bring a big Wow factor to a show, with their energetic jumps and martial art kicks, and of course they look very handsome men!

Pastiche can certainly bring the heat and the energy of Latin America to your event, contact us today to see how we can create the Brazilian magic for you.



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