What You Can Expect

The True Spirit of Brazil: Samba Beats and Feathers

Immerse your guests in the true spirit of Brazil with our lively and captivating performances. Our Samba Dancers will mesmerise your audience with their brilliant technique and fancy footwork, adorned in luxury Carnival costumes that will leave everyone in awe. The pulsating samba beats will get everyone onto the dance floor, ensuring an amazing time for all.

No Rio Carnival-themed event is complete without the electrifying beats of Batucada Drummers. Our handpicked Brazilian Drummers, who have honed their skills on the streets of Brazil, will perfectly complement the dance performances, setting the stage for an authentic and high-energy experience.


Pastiche brought the colours, sounds and movements from the most exotic parts of the country. Our glamorous dancers, glittering costumes and Brazilian choreography gave an energetic flavour to the event, while our Drummers and professional Brazilian performers impressed the audience with their energetic rhythms. Experience an extravagant show for yourself as we take you on a dazzling and unforgettable journey through Brazil and other parts of Latin America.
Guests will be spellbound by the fantastic and energetic dance show featuring choreographed routines, passionate Lambada and Salsa couples and groups, and the most beautiful Brazilian Samba Dancers. The excitement doesn’t end there! Brace yourself for the captivating martial art demonstrations of Capoeira and Axe, performed by our exceptionally talented dancers.


Transport your guests to the heart of Brazil with our captivating Rio Carnival-themed party. Our talented team will create an enchanting atmosphere, carnival dancers parading around in their exotic costumes, and stunning lighting transforming your venue into a dazzling display of carnival exuberance.

Exceptional Events with a Brazilian Twist

Don’t miss the chance to host the party of the year with our Carnival Parade and Brazilian Themed Entertainment. Whether it’s a corporate event, themed party, or private celebration, we have the expertise to bring the heat, energy and a touch of Latin America magic, right to your doorstep.

Our team at Pastiche is dedicated to creating exceptional and enthralling events that leave a lasting impression on your guests.¬†Experience the colours, sounds, and movements from the most exotic parts of Brazil and Latin America, all brought together in a dazzling show you won’t forget.

Contact us today to create an unforgettable Brazilian Rio Carnival-themed experience that will have your guests talking about it for years to come!

FAQs for Brazilian Rio Carnival Themed Entertainment

Pastiche event management brings the vibrant spirit of the Rio Carnival to your event. It includes stunning performances by Samba Dancers, energetic Batucada Drummers, and captivating Capoeira performers, creating an unforgettable carnival atmosphere.

To incorporate the Rio Carnival theme into your event, our team will transform your venue with dazzling carnival decorations, colourful lighting, and themed entertainment. Our talented Brazilian dancers and performers will entertain your guests with choreographed routines, samba beats, and exotic costumes, ensuring a true taste of Brazil at your party.

Our Brazilian Samba Dancers are professional performers who have mastered the art of samba. They will enthral your guests with their impressive technique, fancy footwork, and luxurious Carnival costumes. Get ready to witness an electrifying performance that will have everyone on the dance floor, experiencing the true essence of Brazilian carnival entertainment.

Yes, Rio Carnival-themed parties can be arranged year-round! Whether you want to infuse some samba beats into your summer events, host a vibrant carnival-themed party, or simply add a touch of Brazilian glamour to your corporate event, our Brazilian showgirls and performers are ready to make your event eye-catching and unforgettable. To throw a party that your guests will love, get in touch with us and experience the energetic and captivating spirit of Brazilian-themed entertainment.

Absolutely! Hosting a Brazilian-themed corporate event is a fantastic idea to add a touch of excitement and energy. A carnival-themed party with Brazilian showgirls, Samba dancers, and other dazzling performers can elevate your themed corporate event to new heights of glamour. Your guests will love the vibrant atmosphere and the unique experience that a Brazilian carnival brings, making it a memorable occasion for all attendees. So, if you're looking for a themed corporate event that leaves a lasting impression, consider the allure of a Brazilian carnival party!