What You Can Expect


Using a whole host of special effects, Pastiche plans to exorcise the demons once and for all, leaving you in no doubt that you and your guests are mingling with the entities from beyond the grave.

  • Guests feeling a gust of air behind them as if something is lurking.
  • Guests have to walk through large airbags when they are not quite sure what they will encounter.
  • Guests feel as if something is wriggling around their feet with ankle ticklers.
  • Peek-a-boo curtains, where ghost actors appear behind curtains.
  • Drop portraits, where pictures or wooden flats suddenly drop with a bang with a ghost actor behind them.
  • Living Statues coming to life to scare guests as they walk past.
  • Music is played throughout to help create the atmosphere.
  • Smoke machines will create an eerie atmosphere throughout the venue.
  • Theming such as tombstones, cobwebs and other props can be seen around the venue adding to the atmosphere.
  • A Macabre Illusion Show to top off the evening.


As guests arrive at the venue, a hallway can be created which guests must travel through to get into the main room. Various effects can be created in this hallway such as:

Ghost Wall – As guests walk past this wall, they see impressions of hands and heads trying to come through the wall, but the fabric of the wall keeps them at bay. This gives the impression that ghosts are trapped in the wall and trying to escape.

Ghost Appearances Through Walls – Costumed ghosts are seen to be walking out of a wall, across the hallway and through the wall at the other side. When guests check the walls, they find there is no doorway or gap from which the ghosts have appeared, adding to the effect.


Once in the main area of the venue, guests will encounter a whole host of spooky special effects to raise the hairs on the backs of the necks and give you and your guests goose-bumps!

A beautifully detailed Gothic armchair sits motionless in one area of the venue for guests to sit in to have their photograph taken. Little do guests know that this Gothic armchair is perfectly concealing an actor sitting inside.

A full-length mirror, with Gothic surround, stands in a doorway or corner of the venue. Once guests start looking into the mirror, it comes to life.

Pastiche can provide a vast array of artists from Stilt Walkers to Fire Artistes, Hosts to Dancers all in fantastic costumes to further enhance the theme. A close-up magician can create effects in haunted nature, with ghostly writing, a haunted deck of cards and floating objects all inspired by the spirits from the ‘other side’.

To top off the night, enjoy the Macabre Illusion Show, will all your Guests survive it !?


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