What You Can Expect


As the waiters greet you and offer you your bucks fizz, you’re left to take in the vibrant colours than only the 80s can get away with. They’re bright, they clash and they couldn’t care less!
A pulsing dance floor, a row of arcade machines and a whole host of riotous colours that have to be seen to be believed greet you as you walk in. There’s stonewashed denim, penny loafers and more than your fair share of The only thing you have to figure out is who’s doing it for the first time; and who’s old enough to have dusted off their own originals!
You take your seat, see a tribute band get the room jumping and then you’re ready for nothing but 80s cheese from the DJ for the rest of the night. Wham, Madness and so many more are queued up and ready to get even the most relaxed, chilled out revellers out of their seats.
For so many of your guests the 80s are within living memory, so you need a finale that’s sure to make them smile. All you do is take your pick and we’ll do the rest:
But that’s enough about the buildup, this is party time!


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