What You Can Expect


LED Screen Options

Our LED video screen is perfect for a variety of use for different event types. If you are looking to put on an award show inside and need some clear visuals behind the spokesperson displaying nominees’ names/ images or short videos this LED video screen is ideal to get the audience’s attention.

Or perhaps you are running an outdoor cinema, which has become a popular event choice for many promoters over recent times, the LED video screen option is a must. The picture quality is astounding, clear and prominent which are all things you require when watching a film.

Not only is the picture clear when it is dark, it is also just as clear during the day and that is all down to the fine pixel pitch within the LED panels.

LED Screen Presentation

It is up to you how you would like your video screen presented, and we are happy to give you both options. The truss way of rigging is preferable for festivals where there is a centre stage and screens displayed either side, which are hung from truss wings. Whereas an award show / product launch or cinema experience would most likely prefer a neater, polished look. In that instance we use ballast at the back of the screen to secure it down, and we give height to the screen by using staging panels which are then covered in drape to hide the staging.

Don’t forget we also stock a huge range of lighting, PA systems & Lighting, so when we say we can cover everything under one roof we really mean it.


The screens can be built either side of one of our outdoor covered stages and we offer them at alternative sizes to suit your event type/ size. Not only can we offer the screens split either side of the stage you could also just have one large screen hung at the back of a stage, or freestanding as a screen alone for your outdoor cinema, we can cater for all options.


What can be displayed on your LED video walls?
LED video walls can display and kind of graphics from static images to presentation slides, live camera feeds, and pre-recorded video content. The size of your venue and the amount of detail in your content will determine which LED Video Panels you need to hire.


Can you help us create the content to show on the LED screens?
Yes we can produce all of the on-screen content and also supply media servers for playback. Our audio visual department supplies live cameras and vision mixing equipment if required.

Will you deliver and set up the screens?
Yes. Our experienced audio visual engineers and LED screen technicians will deliver and set up the screen. They will also stay on site during your event to ensure that everything runs smoothly.


Content & Creative
Our in-house creative team produces video content including stings, graphics, and full length-videos that can be displayed on our LED video screens.


With a little help from our award night planners, you can deliver an experience no one in the room will be able to believe. All you have to do is tell us what you have in mind…