What You Can Expect



Our LED video screen is versatile, perfect for various event types, whether indoor or outdoor. If you are organising an indoor award show and need clear visuals behind the spokesperson to display nominees’ names, images, or short videos, this LED video screen is essential for capturing the audience’s attention.

Alternatively, if you are hosting an outdoor cinema—a favourite among many promoters recently—choosing our LED video screen is crucial. The picture quality is exceptional, offering clarity and prominence necessary for film viewing. This superb visual performance is consistent both at night and during daylight, thanks to the fine pixel pitch of our indoor and outdoor LED panels.

We supply outdoor and indoor LED screens designed to provide outstanding display quality under any lighting conditions. Whether your event requires the adaptability of indoor LED screens or the robustness of outdoor LED setups, our solutions ensure that every visual detail is sharp and engaging.


When it comes to presenting your video screen, we offer flexible options to suit your event’s unique needs. For festivals with a centre stage, the truss method of rigging is ideal, allowing screens to be hung from truss wings on either side of the stage. This setup ensures that all attendees have a clear view of the action. Conversely, for events like award shows, product launches, or cinema experiences that require a more polished appearance, we secure the screen using ballast at the back and elevate it using staging panels. These panels are discreetly covered with drapes to enhance the aesthetic appeal.

We provide a comprehensive range of equipment, including large screen rentals for HD video displays, projectors for detailed presentations, and LED screen rentals suitable for any venue, including prestigious venues in London. Whether you need to hire an LED wall or need support with conference setups, we have the capabilities to handle all aspects of your event’s visual and audio requirements.

Don’t forget, we also stock an extensive selection of lighting and PA systems. With everything available under one roof, organising your event with us ensures a seamless and impressive experience for all attendees.


Our screens are incredibly versatile and can be configured to suit the specific requirements of your event. Whether you need them installed on either side of one of our outdoor covered stages or prefer a different setup, we offer various sizes and arrangements to match any event type or size. Our LED screens are ideal for creating an impactful visual display. You have the option to split the screens on either side of the stage, hang one large screen at the back of a stage, or have a freestanding screen for events such as outdoor cinemas.

Each screen setup utilises high-quality wall panels and the latest in LED display solutions to ensure clear, vibrant visuals. We supply LED screens that can be used for virtually any setting, providing flexible and effective visual configurations for your event’s needs.


What can be displayed on your LED video walls?

Our LED video walls are equipped to handle any type of graphic content, from static images and presentation slides to live camera feeds and pre-recorded video content. They are ideal for any event where high visual impact is crucial, delivering crisp, clear imagery due to their superior brightness and advanced AV technology.

Depending on the size of your venue and the level of detail required in your content, the choice of specific LED video panels will vary. We provide comprehensive audio and visual equipment solutions that ensure your displays look stunning in any setting. Whether you need enhanced visuals for a small meeting room or a large conference hall, our video walls offer the flexibility and quality your event demands.

Can you help us create the content to show on the LED screens?

Yes, we can produce all the on-screen content required for your event and also supply media servers for playback. Our content & creative team has extensive experience with LED technology, ensuring that your visuals are not only striking but perfectly suited to the format and capabilities of LED screens. 

Additionally, our audio visual department is equipped to supply live cameras and vision mixing equipment if your event requires dynamic, live content. Whether you need to hire our services for a one-time event or on a recurring basis, we are fully prepared to meet all your content creation and display needs.

Will you deliver and set up the screens?

Yes. Our experienced audio visual engineers and LED screen technicians will deliver and set up the screen. They will also stay on site during your event to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Content & Creative

Our in-house creative team produces video content including stings, graphics, and full length-videos that can be displayed on our LED video screens.


With a little help from our award night planners, you can deliver an experience no one in the room will be able to believe. All you have to do is tell us what you have in mind…