What You Can Expect


Giant pink themed Cadillac entrance.

1950’s Diner Stage Set

Look-a-likes from the 1950’s including Elvis, James Dean and Marilyn Monroe.

1950’s theme style dinner décor including a jukebox playing all the classics from the era.

1950’s Band playing live on stage.

A jive dance team to give guests lessons or to put on a stunning show if you prefer.

Party Ideas

Get out your crepe soles, Brillcreem and stiletto heels for this 1950’s themed extravaganza.

Welcome to the most vibrant and glamorous country in the world, in possibly one of the best eras of all time. Everywhere, the youngsters were listening to a type of music which would transform the world. With all the developments in the 50’s from fashion, to design and music, this truly was an iconic era.

Back to the 50's

Your guests will be amazed as they walk through the giant pink Cadillac entrance, where they are greeted by a look-a-like James Dean, who happens to be talking to Marilyn Monroe; then in wanders Elvis. In the reception area, mini burger canapés are served.

The hall looks like a 50s theme style diner with a jukebox in the corner playing all the great hits from the 1950’s. Each high round, aluminium-edged white table is surrounded by fountain chairs upholstered in hot pink vinyl whilst pink and white checked curtains flank a painted backdrop of a 50s car; pink and white balloons and streamers are everywhere.


In the main hall, a 1950’s Band is playing on stage, so why not get guests to dress up in 50s costumes to really get into the swing of things?

To help guests participate in this bygone era, a jive dance team can teach guests to jive, or you can simply watch the exhaustive show.


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