What You Can Expect


Step through the swing doors of the saloon, as though stepping out onto a bustling western street. The air carries the lively tunes of a Honky Tonk piano, lending an authentic atmosphere to the upcoming festivities.

Our expertly portrayed cowboys and Indians await your arrival, providing you with the perfect photo opportunities to capture the essence of this exciting event. Adding to the ambiance, the local saloon presents the Tequila Slammer Girls, who elegantly interact with the guests, offering invigorating shots to kickstart the evening’s revelry.

As you indulge in the delightful meal, our Cowboys and Cowgirls will mingle among you, ensuring a dynamic and engaging experience. Abruptly, the Sheriff makes his dramatic entrance, accompanied by his vigilant deputy and loyal posse.

Their mission: to track down the notorious gang of cattle-rustlers and outlaws, masterminded by the infamous Ringo. Unbeknownst to you, these villainous characters are seated within your midst, engrossed in a high-stakes game of poker. 

The Sheriff, armed with a telltale wanted poster, identifies the culprits and attempts to apprehend them. Chaos erupts into a rollicking fistfight, complete with smashing chairs and shattering bottles, mirroring the quintessential bar-room brawl of the era.

Throughout this captivating experience, our meticulous attention to detail in the western-themed backdrop and lighting ensures an immersive journey into the wild west. The artfully arranged bales and wagons, adorned with authentic decorations, evoke the rugged charm of the frontier. 

Our Wild West themed events are designed to perfection, is not just a party—it’s a re-imagining of the wild west, ideal for corporate events and all those who yearn for the enchantment of the country and western lifestyle.

At Pastiche, we specialise in curating unforgettable experiences. Our dedicated team’s expertise in event management guarantees seamless execution, from the meticulously chosen decoration and themed entertainers to the overall wild west themed entertainment. Experience the allure of the realistic wild west as we bring your wildest theme party dreams to life.


In a moment that echoes the days of cowboys and Indians, a lone gunshot pierces the air, signifying the Sheriff’s unyielding authority as he takes charge of the situation. Amid tension, Ringo departs with a chilling promise to return, armed and ready to settle the score. The Sheriff remains resolute, apprehending the outlaw and ensuring a trial will unfold later in the evening.

After the ensuing excitement settles, the spotlight shifts to the stage, where the vivacious ‘Good Time Gals’ make their entrance. Adorned in captivating costumes, these energetic dancers infuse the gathering with a contagious Western spirit, encouraging all attendees, whether Sheriffs or Ranch Hands, to dance with true wild west flair. As the dancers conclude their final routine, the local whip cracker strides onto the stage, captivating the audience with a mesmerising display of lasso and whip mastery.

With the spectacle coming to a close, the Sheriff reemerges, proclaiming the imminent commencement of the trial and leading the prisoner forward. However, this legal proceeding takes an unexpected turn as the notorious gunslinger, Ringo, makes a dramatic entrance, fueled by indignation at his capture. 

A confrontation ensues between Ringo and the steadfast Sheriff, prompting the remaining gang members to disperse, setting the stage for a classic western standoff. In this intense face-off, guns are drawn, and the scene escalates into a fiery, action-packed climax, ultimately leaving a sole survivor from each faction. Whose triumph is written in the dust of this showdown?



From sophisticated party ideas to impactful product launches, enriching conferences to prestigious awards ceremonies, and exclusive private parties, we are driven by an unrelenting passion to transform ordinary events into extraordinary experiences.

Our dedication extends nationwide, including the picturesque landscapes of Yorkshire, where we excel in crafting remarkable gatherings that resonate with the allure of the wild west themed party.

With a captivating blend of Western themed authenticity and contemporary creativity, our events are meticulously orchestrated, from the meticulously chosen decoration and themed entertainers to every intricate detail, ensuring that every guest becomes a part of the narrative.


A memorable wild west themed event encompasses a range of engaging activities and thematic details. From a carefully curated frontier town atmosphere, complete with swinging saloon doors and authentic wild west props, to a diverse array of wild entertainment options, the event immerses attendees in the spirit of the Old West. With a touch of creativity and attention to detail, this type of event guarantees an unforgettable experience that captures the essence of the era.

When you're aiming to infuse your event with captivating wild west themed entertainment, consider a mix of interactive shows and immersive experiences. Engage a team that is hired for events and specialises in Wild West flair such as Pastiche. From lively cowboy hat wearing performers who skillfully crack whips and spin lassos to energetic dancers and actors who transport guests to the days of cowboys and Indians, your choices are varied. The key is to offer a range of entertainment options that are sure to get everyone in the spirit.

Event management companies such as ourselves are the backbone of orchestrating a successful wild west event. Our expertise ensures that every detail, from transforming the venue with rustic decorations and strategically placed cactus to coordinating an array of wild entertainment, is flawlessly executed. The staff at Pastiche are dedicated to ensure a seamless flow of activities, enabling guests to be fully immersed in the experience, getting everyone in the spirit of the Wild West.

Our event management company plays a critical role in ensuring a seamless flow of entertainment during the wild west event. We meticulously plan and coordinate the schedule, ensuring that transitions between shows, interactive activities, and dining are smooth. Their experienced staff guides guests through the event, getting everyone in the spirit while maintaining the excitement and energy of the Wild West theme.