What You Can Expect

How it goes

Guests enter the main room by walking through the swing doors of the saloon as if going outside, and find themselves in the middle of a wild west street. The strains of a Honky Tonk piano are echoing over the loud speaker system, as if coming from the saloon, setting the scene for the jamboree ahead.

Guests are greeted by cowboys which gives everyone a great chance to get their photograph taken with them. Meanwhile, the local saloon has provided Tequila Slammer Girls, who mix and mingle with guests and providing the shots to get the evening off to a great start.

During the meal, the Cowboys and Cowgirls will mix and mingle with guests. Suddenly the Sheriff enters with his deputy and posse, looking for the gang of notorious cattle-rustlers and outlaws, led by the renowned killer Ringo. Our villains are already in the middle of the audience playing a game of poker. The Sheriff locates them and confirms their identity with a wanted poster, and in trying to arrest them, a fist fight ensues where appropriate chairs and bottles are broken in a classic bar-room brawl.

The Sheriff

A single shot is heard, as the Sheriff takes control and arrests one of the gang. An uneasy standoff occurs, as Ringo leaves with a promise to return gun in hand to “settle this once and for all……”. The Sheriff takes the outlaw into custody and confirms that a trial will take place later in the evening.

After all the commotion, it’s time to welcome the ‘Good Time Gals’ to the stage. These lively young Dancers in full costumes will get all the guests dancing in true Western style, whether you’re a Sheriff or a Ranch Hand. As the Dancers complete their last routine, the local whip cracker enters the stage, to perform his lasso and whip cracking show.

As soon as the show is over, the Sheriff returns and announces the trial is about to begin and brings forward the prisoner. During the trial, gunslinger Ringo enters the fray and is not happy about his arrest. Ringo faces off against the Sheriff as the other gang members immediately spread out, and a classic western stand-off occurs between each of the various characters. Guns are drawn as the scene reaches its gun blazing, action filled climax, resulting in one of the characters from each team left standing. Who will be triumphant?



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