What You Can Expect


The glitz and glamour of our Hollywood Theme Party will lavish upon your guests an unforgettable event that will live long in the memory – the night you lived like a movie a star.

  • Searchlights, chauffeur driven Limousines, Paparazzi Photographers and Autograph Hunters greeting you and your guests.
  • The iconic Red Carpet entrance.
  • Authentic-looking Hollywood props from the early movie industry.
  • Take your pick from a wide range of entertainers mingling with guests.
  • Movie star look-a-likes available from Laurel & Hardy, Charlie Chaplin and Marilyn Monroe, to Austin Powers, Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie.
  • Live stage entertainment from tribute acts from the greats of Tinsel Town including Frank Sinatra.

Party Ideas

In true Hollywood tradition, giant searchlights scan the night sky, enormous chauffeur driven Limousines alight superstars and a mass media circus jostles for pictures. For one night only, guests will have the opportunity to experience the Celebrity lifestyle for themselves.

Imagine arriving at the chosen venue, dressed to impress, and walking down a plush red carpet, greeted by Paparazzi Photographers, Autograph Hunters and even be interviewed by a roving new reporting for the local TV channel.With all this and the flashing cameras, jovial banter and attention seeking comments, it certainly delivers a cheerful start to proceedings. Fire Artistes are performing outside the main doors to the venue, showing off their skills.

Bodyguards are on hand to ensure everyone’s safety, as well as guarding the main door to the venue; only the elite are allowed in on this Hollywood Night! Once inside, guests will continue to walk along the red carpet to pose in the director’s chair beside a movie camera for the essential photo opportunity.


Pre-dinner drinks are served by beautiful Showgirls in fantastic feathered outfits (on stilts as well as on foot), a Pianist wearing a Tuxedo plays perfect music to relax and unwind into the evening. A plethora of A-List look-a-likes saunters up the red carpet, rubbing shoulders with guests whilst sharing some of that Hollywood sparkle.

Celebrity Look-a-likes ranging from Laurel & Hardy to Marilyn Monroe to Charlie Chaplin, Austin Powers to James Bond and Johnny Depp to Angelina Jolie, the choice is endless….

Gold body-painted ‘Oscar-esque’ Living Statues align the walkways, adding artistic kudos to empty areas. The statues come to life to startle and surprise unsuspecting victims as they pass by. Our human statues are incredibly convincing, but that’s only part of their performance as they can startle, surprise and scare as required, and never miss an opportunity to make people jump…with hilarious results!

The entrance to the function suite will be adorned with authentic looking props relating to the early film industry. Guests will instantly recognise the famous Hollywood props and hear the theme tunes which will echo around the main suite. The Twentieth Century Fox fanfare is played signalling that your evening in Hollywood is just beginning, and dinner is served.

Seated at tables named after famous Hollywood film stars such as Marilyn Monroe and Humphrey Bogart, guests will soon realise it will be a glitzy evening never to be forgotten. A couple of close up magicians will entertain guests during courses, performing minor miracles at the tables. Two Caricaturists will mix and mingle with guests, and leave them with small, but fun mementoes of the evening.


During the meal, guests can enjoy a truly Hollywood style show with one of the best, if not the best Frank Sinatra tribute act in the UK. There will never be another Frank Sinatra, but his legacy will live forever. The Sinatra show wouldn’t be complete without Showgirl backing dancers.

As with all our events, this cost includes a Project Manager who will co-ordinate all the acts, allowing you and your team to focus on your guests and to enjoy the evening.

Our Hollywood theme event party will capture all the glitz of the industry! From the minute guests arrive, they will feel like they have become stars for the night, as everything about this theme night oozes glamour. Guests will truly be left starry-eyed by this night of movie magic. The anticipation is intense…



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