What You Can Expect


Companies and their Managers are always looking for ways to encourage their staff to broaden their horizons, learn new skills and to try something different.

Pastiche are therefore right for you as we have developed the learn a new skill experience.

What we can offer is for nominated staff members or guests, to learn a new skill over a set time period, this then cumulates into an event (possibly to raise more for a Charity) where all the participants perform their skill and are judged by either a panel, or the audience or both, to become the said skill champion.

Our very successful skills experiences have covered :

  • Strictly Come Dancing
  • The Greatest Show
  • Company’s Got Talent
  • The Magicians
  • Ninja Warrior

To name but a few….


In our immersible themes we have taken our traditional themes , and blurred the lines between reality and fantasy, to such an extent that guests question themselves as to is it real or not ?

We have created themes of espionage, terrorists and even Ghosts and Haunted Houses.

Contact us today to see how we can create an experience theme for you.


From Client Entertainment to Product Launches, Conferences to Awards Ceremonies and Private Parties, our passion is to create unique, exceptional and enthralling events.