What You Can Expect


60’s theme entrance area and drinks reception.

60’s Tribute Bands available.

60’s theme décor including garish colours and lava lamps.

Films from the era projected onto the walls.

Memorabilia from 60’s events such as the Moon Landings and England’s World Cup win.

For added Wow Factor, we can incorporate Austin Powers into this theme as well.

Party Ideas

For those who grew up in the 1960’s, this is a fantastic 60’s Theme Party. The world and its population saw many changes; from the laid-back 50s, the world was now a very different place.

Rock ‘n’ Roll was a new phenomenon, men were flying to the moon, there was political unrest all over the world, and mind-altering substances were readily available, whilst the ‘hippy’ movement encouraged us all to “give peace a chance”.

Most notably in the 1960’s though, it was the changing musical messages which forever influenced the lives and minds of millions of teenagers who lived during this exciting era and provides us with the perfect platform for our 60’s theme nights.


In our 1960’s theme party as you enter through the Hippy Bus/Car Walkway, the whole room is a throw-back from a generation ago. With the swinging sixties theme garish colours and lava lamps are everywhere.

You look at your flared trousers and platform shoes and suddenly you are not out of place, you are at the best swinging 60’s theme party going. There is a mellow atmosphere in the room as reception drinks take place, helping you bed nicely into your new time-zone until a crazy drum roll ushers the Beatles tribute band to burst into song and for a solid hour everyone knows all the songs.

As you enter the dining room you will see memorabilia from this great age, remembering it was when the moon was visited and England won the World Cup, which is only available, unfortunately, at this 1960s theme night.

60s Entertainment

With all the entertainment specifically selected to follow this swinging sixties theme night, guests will really think they are living in the ‘flower power age’ as they party the night away.

We can even show iconic 1960’s films and news clips projected onto walls which allow the younger guests see what a really exciting age this was.

Our 1960’s themed party makes a great theme for any time of year, any celebration and any event. You can guarantee that with this theme at your event, guests will be talking about it for a long time.


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