What You Can Expect


What an entrance! They can’t believe it’s brought them to a throwback venue full of bright colours, classic hits and more flares than the eye can see. Things are calm and relaxing as you all mingle, until suddenly the drum roll starts and you rush the stage.

The Beatles have landed and brought Beatle Mania back to life for one night only. You rush the stage, fight to get a glimpse of Lennon, and tell everyone just how underrated Ringo was. This is your moment!

From the moment you bring the swinging sixties back to life you’ll be met with tribute bands playing all the classics, iconic movies and films, and all the lava lamps you can handle. Throw in the life-changing events like the moon landing and the ’66 world cup and there’s only space for one more special guest: Mr. Austin Powers anyone?


This the night you never want to end — the night where you get closer to the stars than you ever thought possible. Every song is iconic, every dance move is a keeper, and every photo means the world to you.

And because you’ve been in on the planning from day one, you know how the band everyone has been waiting for will bring the house down…

The night is in full swing and free love and flower power are in the air. All you need now is a show closer that will get everyone on their feet and ready to throw themselves at the stage. This is the 60s after all, so why would the night end any other way?


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