Magic & Wonder

When Alice falls down a mysterious rabbit hole she stumbles upon a magical fantasy world where anything can happen…

Travel with us down a rabbit hole to a land of complete nonsense where tarts are stolen, Mad Hatters have tea parties and the White Rabbit is running very, very late!

What You Can Expect

Merry Dance

Lead your guests on a merry dance through our themed entrance arch, following crazy signs that read ‘that way, that way’ or ‘up and down’, until they reach their destination, a fantastical land that we’ve created just for you.

curiouser and curiouser

If that doesn’t make them “curiouser and curiouser”, you’ll be as smug as the Cheshire cat with our vast array of larger than life props that include a giant ‘drink me’ bottle, roses, playing cards and the White Rabbit himself.

enchanting show

Lewis Carroll’s classic characters spring to life in an enchanting show for the whole family, bursting with a cast of talented performers that reflect both traditional characters in the story, as well as our interpretation of Wonderland.



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