What You Can Expect

Welcome to the horror

Welcome to a horrifically harrowing hospital where inmates had been kept locked up behind doors for decades. Surgeons are performing tests and carrying out procedures on live subjects, where all rules have been disregarded.

An abandoned mental hospital with a horrific past that seems to be coming back into production, and here you and your Guests fight to stay safe and well and ultimately to just survive.

A horde of Halloween hedonists headed into hell as they brave a bone-chilling event. Pleasure seekers are treated to one of the scariest interactive horror attractions.

Guests have the opportunity to endure a never to be forgotten tour of the facility’s most disturbing rooms, guided by a maniacal Doctor sporting a blood-soaked tunic and fixed stare.

Guests will be met with the ghastly sight of a plethora of patients, most of who were screaming and making threats while attempting to break-out of “The Asylum.”

Brilliant and stomach churning décor and props themed the rooms, as well as the main Operating Theatre Stage.


In some well-documented cases, Fear has been seen to drive some subjects to suffer episodes of madness. All logic and rationale is replaced by intrepid caution and anxious idiosyncrasies. And in some instances, irreparable psychosis.

A Doctor appears and administers a drug to an unfortunate patient. “Now, don’t worry, this is standard procedure. The restraints are there to prevent you from hurting yourself if one of these Fear episodes happens to occur… But we’ll see to it that those days are far behind you, won’t we?” “I’m just gonna pop this brain function monitor on you there, and we’ll be able to see what’s going on inside that brain of yours. Absolutely nothing to worry about!” This is all just standard.. practice… Sweet… dreams…

As the drug takes effect, our Patient’s world is turned upside down. The ward becomes more derelict, and through the monitor, his face starts to bleed intermittently …..Fear demons begin to merge, and even burst out of the patient….With his mind beyond ruin, the Fear Demons began tearing the patient apart…..



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