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To hire a Hula Hooper for your event means that it is sure to be a complete success, the quirky and fun addition of a Hula Hooper to your entertainment is always a good choice. These fantastic entertainers are full of energy and charisma that allows them to engage with the crowds while performing and enchant them with a dynamic act.

What is a Hula Hooper

The hula hoop craze came about in the late 1950’s when the American toy company Wham-O introduced it to the market. Soon it was adopted by circus performers where gymnasts would put on amazing hula hooping displays to impress their audience. Over time new tricks and stunts have been incorporated by Hula Hoopers who now perform routines with everything from fire hula hoops to hula hoop balancing acts.

You may think of the hula hoop as a toy, but it is now a very popular circus act and a very popular choice of circus entertainment to book for events. Circus Performers have combined the skill of hooping and dance to create visually stunning choreographed hula hoop acts.

Our Hula Hoop Performers use hula hoops with LED’s and some hula hoop acts even use fire hula hoops in their shows!

The Hula Hoopers are great performers at events from fun days, theme parties and we can even supply a hula hoop workshop for team building days, where your guests can all be taught the skill.

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