Halloween Mazes and Scare Attractions

Pastiche first started being associated with Halloween 20 years ago, when as Magic & Special Effect Consultants we were asked to create the first Halloween Horror Train Ride.

Guests would ride the miniature train, with scares during the journey, as well as the train stopping at regular intervals when horror scenes would take place.

With multiple trains and a team in place, the event proved very successful.

Since then Pastiche has been involved with creating, designing and delivering Halloween Shows, Halloween Events, Scare Attractions, Mazes, Horror Rides and more.

We have been providing Shows, Performers, Scare Actors, Horror Movie Characters, Sound and Lights plus Special Effects to create horror inspired events for Halloween as well as many events during the year.


We provide full production services for a vast range of different locations, whether it’s for Halloween Scare Attractions, Halloween Mazes or Events.

Whether you are looking to create an immersive experience for a Halloween party or you are looking to book a Halloween maze for a shopping centre, our Creative Team are here to help and backed by our extensive knowledge.

Our Scare Performers and Scare Actors (all from our in-house team) we provide for your events are extremely professional and always put on a brilliant performance.

Have you thought of having a Halloween Maze for your Corporate Halloween party? We have produced Mazes and Halloween scare attractions which we have built inside venues. No matter the space we can put on the perfect Halloween experience which is both scary and memorable.


Zombie Experiences

Following on from the hit TV series Walking Dead, people are fascinated by Zombies, therefore if you have a venue and are thinking of creating a zombie experience or a scare experience for public events then Pastiche can design and produce one for you.

We take in to account every aspect of your venue and create custom made Zombie and scare experiences for Halloween events.

We also work closely with our clients to develop ideas, concepts and scripts for our Halloween attractions which can work with your brand.


Haunted House

A popular theme for any Halloween party has to be the Haunted house Theme. A common story line in any good horror movie or any scary book, the Haunted house is a classic.

We provide Haunted house event services and can create set designs and Haunted house attractions !

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