Light Up Your Event!

As party entertainers, Glo Performers are event entertainment and party entertainment that is truly amazing. Glo Performers will bring an amazing atmosphere to your next event.

Our Glow Performers can tailor their performances and can include either dance and acrobatics, or dance and fire, or just dance, depending on your requirements, and the venue. (As some venues don’t allow fire indoors). All the shows combine glow into a fantastic performance of skill and technology.

Brighten up your event with our exciting Glo Performers. A modern, thrilling and mesmerising form of entertainment these performers will use colour and incredible visuals to enchant your guests.

If you are looking to amaze at your event, then our LED glow performers are the best option to get people talking.

What You Can Expect

Fantastic performance
Thrilling and mesmerising
Stunning visuals



From Client Entertainment to Product Launches, Conferences to Awards Ceremonies and Private Parties, our passion is to create unique, exceptional and enthralling events.