What You Can Expect


A colour-changing internal light show makes the balloon especially spectacular at night, but the act is equally magnificent in daylight.

This 20 minute processional act makes for a great centrepiece of an event or suitably grand way to bring the evening to a close. Our act has delighted audiences in over 46 countries with performances at Sydney Festival, Cairo, and even concealed inside a UFO during a European stadium tour for the band Muse.

Spiralling and spinning and seemingly weightless, an acrobat suspended beneath a helium balloon explores the uncharted space between street level and rooftops. The show is performed to music which is both aerobatic and interactive to create the illusion of flying.

overhead magic

The ground crew, harnessed to lines but largely unseen, control the balloon’s speed, direction and height.

Working together, the three artists create a piece of overhead magic and on a calm day our aerial dancer can swoop out of the sky, steal the sugar lumps from a café-goer’s saucer and soar to twenty meters in a moment. Carrying someone’s hat. We have delivered the bridal bouquet, shaken the rock stars hand and carried away the champions cup in a packed stadium.

This stunning unusual performance will add an undeniable wow-factor to any event!

The Balloon(s) can fly in any large outdoor or indoor space free from overhead obstructions. Under certain weather and wind conditions, they may not be able to operate…but they rarely have to cancel completely!


From Client Entertainment to Product Launches, Conferences to Awards Ceremonies and Private Parties, our passion is to create unique, exceptional and enthralling events.