Added Atmosphere

With our popular service not only do you get hundreds of great pictures, but you get character performers to give added atmosphere to any award ceremony, Oscars night or corporate event.

What You Can Expect

Make an impact

We can provide anything from a single digital photographer to a whole paparazzi team, we even have a full roving video crew complete with US-style anchorman for those on-the-spot reports and revealing interviews. Or why not check out our Autograph Hunters, guaranteed to make an impact!

Feel like stars

Need to make your guests feel like stars for the night? Want to give them a taste of the celebrity lifestyle?

Hire our Paparazzi Photographers and capture the magic moments from your event, by having our roving reporters and news hounds around to give your guests the celebrity treatment.

Memorable events

Whether you want Paparazzi to hire for parties from themes to LA in the roaring 40’s, or hire modern Paparazzi Photographers from the gutter press, our lively and interactive reporting crew will ensure everyone remembers the occasion.


For Your Event

  • Hen Nights
  • Stag Nights
  • Christmas Parties
  • Birthday Parties
  • Engagements
  • Prize-giving
  • Nights out
  • Corporate events
  • Leaving Parties
  • Announcements
  • Promotions