What You Can Expect

hilarious concept

This hilarious concept involves realistic looking Christmas trees who ‘jump’ out at guests as they arrive at your festive party – much to their surprise and delight. A must have act for holiday season and one that embodies the term ‘festive fun’!

The Living Christmas Trees are a fantastic act that comprise two delightfully decorated Christmas Trees that appear to be simple party decoration. As guests walk past though, they will jump to life and surprise even the most hardy of individuals!

guaranteed to bring laughter

They stand still like a decorated Christmas Tree, All of a sudden, in that magical moment they come to life and talk to Guests, or move, or both !

Living Christmas Trees are guaranteed to bring laughter and surprise to your Christmas party!

wonderful surprise

Able to be booked as a solo or a duo, these wonderful surprising spruces bring together one or two performers, excellent costumes and a whole lot of fun.

Celebrate this Christmas in style by booking Living Christmas Trees today!


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