What You Can Expect

grumpy grouchy Grinch

The grumpy grouchy Grinch from Pastiche will do his best to make sure that absolutely everyone has a HORRID Christmas. He’s mean and hairy and smelly, and his hands may be cold and clammy. But deep down, quite deep down, he’s actually kinda sweet.

huge hit on social media

A huge hit on social media, dressed in a very elaborate and accurate costume, you will feel that you have booked the real deal. Capturing the true essence of the character in the film, and Jim Carey’s off-the-wall sense of humour, the laughter generated is non-stop with adults and children alike.

work a crowd

The Grinch is a huge character who knows how to work a crowd. He is always in demand at Christmas for a selfie, and is he is a hit at Christmas light switch ons.

The Grinch is a great addition to any event, But beware, he may try to steal Christmas!

You have been warned!



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