What You Can Expect

indoor and outdoor

Skilled at both indoor and outdoor work, our Bubble Performer can wow you with smoke filled square bubbles or have your guests gazing on in fascination with the outdoor bubble displays. Skilled at putting people inside giant bubbles, bubble workshop activities, close up bubble magic, and bubble games as well as presenting the skills in a story-telling capacity for younger audiences.

Bubbles bring magic and entertainment to any event. The outdoor displays are sure to draw a big crowd as bubbles of all shapes and sizes fill the air. They create a wonderful celebratory atmosphere of fun and festivity, fantastic photo opportunities and an unforgettable spectacle from bubbles the size of elephants floating majestically by to huge clouds of bubbles usually accompanied by gasps of wonder.

fully interactive

Outdoor bubble displays are fully interactive and can include bubble creation stations, the chance to hold a thousand bubbles, putting bubbles inside bubbles, vapour filled bubbles, creating bubbles with your hands and even the chance to be put inside a bubble (weather dependent).

Inside-A-Bubble activity (indoors) A wonderful chance to go inside a bubble! Enjoy the experience of being surrounded by a beautiful rainbow film and have a go at blowing a bubble out from inside the bubble. This activity is also a fantastic photo opportunity for a lasting memory.

Outdoor Bubbling activity (outdoors, weather permitting) A magical display of bubbles big and small. Imagine enormous bubbles floating through the air.

Bubble Creation Station (indoor, outdoors, weather permitting) Bubble making activities including using bubble tools, bubble magic with your hands, holding vapour bubbles, creating your own bubble wands and foamers.

Sensory Bubbles

Sensory Bubbles activity (indoor or outdoors, weather permitting) An immersive and interactive activity which allows exploration into how bubbles look, feel and smell. Bubbles have an incredible effect on children and adults alike with opportunities for group activities and bubble play which help boost confidence, reduce stress levels and promote fun.

Bubble Party Show (indoor) Audiences will be blown away by this display of bubble sculpting from intricate geometric shapes to enormous bubbles filled with bubbles. During the fun filled show, volunteers are given new hair styles, take part in bubble tricks and grow their bubble intelligence.

Bubble Games A wonderful collection of bubble party games including “The Bubble POP!”, “Bubble Run”, “Bubble Bounce” and “Bubble Catch”.


From Client Entertainment to Product Launches, Conferences to Awards Ceremonies and Private Parties, our passion is to create unique, exceptional and enthralling events.