Our bubble performers provide top-notch entertainment, perfect for any event. Whether it’s birthday parties, retail promotion or gatherings of all sizes, our performers know how to impress and entertain.

Expect an unforgettable show that will entertain everyone, from the very young to the young at heart. Our performers are dedicated to making every event memorable and filled with joy.

What You Can Expect


Our bubble performer excels in both indoor and outdoor settings, ready to amaze you with intricate smoke-filled square bubbles or captivate your guests with expansive outdoor bubble displays. This performer is not only adept at crafting giant bubbles to encase people but also offers engaging bubble workshop activities, intimate bubble magic, and playful bubble games.
For the younger crowd, these skills are integrated into captivating narratives, making for an enchanting storytelling session. Bubbles add a layer of magic and entertainment unparalleled by any other act – we can even put a child in the middle of a giant bubble ! The outdoor exhibitions, in particular, are a magnet for large audiences, as bubbles of every conceivable shape and size take to the sky. This creates a vibrant, festive atmosphere brimming with joy and celebration, offering incredible photo moments and leaving guests in awe.
Perfect for any event, be it a stage show, festival, corporate event, or wedding, our bubble performer will make your venue come alive. Whether the event you’re planning is indoor or outdoor, our performer will deliver a spectacle that guests will remember. From colossal bubbles that rival the size of elephants to vast swarms of bubbles that inspire widespread astonishment, each event turns into a memorable spectacle.


Outdoor bubble displays are fully interactive and can include bubble creation stations, the chance to hold a thousand bubbles, putting bubbles inside bubbles, vapour-filled bubbles, creating bubbles with your hands, and even the chance to be put inside a bubble (weather dependent).

Inside-A-Bubble activity (indoors): A wonderful chance to go inside a bubble big enough to fit! Enjoy the experience of being surrounded by a beautiful rainbow film and have a go at blowing a bubble from inside the bubble. This activity is also a fantastic photo opportunity for a lasting memory.

Outdoor Bubbling activity (outdoors, weather permitting): A magical display of bubbles big and small. Imagine enormous bubbles floating through the air, captivating everyone around.

Bubble Creation Workshop (indoor, outdoors, weather permitting): Bubble making activities include using bubble tools, bubble magic with your hands, holding vapour bubbles, creating your own bubble wands and foamers.

These interactive experiences provide family fun and are perfect for family fun days. With a wide variety of bubble activities, everyone will be captivated and entertained.


The Sensory Bubbles experience, suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings (weather permitting), offers an engaging, hands-on activity that explores the sensory aspects of bubbles. Participants can explore the appearance, texture, and even the scent of bubbles. This activity has a profound impact on both children and adults, offering group interactions and playful bubble activities that are known to enhance confidence, diminish stress, and encourage a spirit of joy.

At the Bubble Party Show, hosted indoors, audiences will be captivated by an artistic display of bubble creations, ranging from delicate geometric patterns to grand bubbles encasing other bubbles. The show is packed with excitement, inviting volunteers to partake in bubble-centric activities, such as sporting bubble-made hairstyles, engaging in bubble tricks, and expanding their knowledge of bubble science.

Bubble Games feature an entertaining assortment of bubble-themed party games, including “The Bubble POP!”, “Bubble Run”, “Bubble Bounce”, and “Bubble Catch”. Each game is designed to bring laughter, fun, and a bit of friendly competition to the party, making it an unforgettable experience for participants of all ages.


From client entertainment and product launches to conferences, awards ceremonies, and private gatherings, our dedication lies in crafting events that are not only unique and exceptional but also captivating. 

Our approach to event planning emphasises the creation of experiences that are enjoyable, memorable, and tailored to each occasion. Whether engaging guests, or ensuring the seamless execution of each event, our focus is on delivering perfection. 

Celebrations are designed to be fun, appealing to a wide range of interests, and easy for attendees to enjoy. We strive to make every party a standout hit, incorporating elements that resonate with the specific theme or purpose. From traditional to contemporary, local to international, our events reflect a diverse palette of ideas and unique aspects that cater to the preferences of our clients and their guests. 

Our goal is to transform every event into a favourite memory for all who attend, setting new standards in the event planning industry.