What You Can Expect

internationally acclaimed

Our internationally acclaimed roller dance duo are widely renowned as one of the most exciting and intense roller skating acts on the market and their incredible resume of previous clients is testament to their unbelievable skill and talent. Guests will be absolutely stunned by this fast and furious dance act that is sure to create an unforgettable spectacle for all who see it.

This breath taking roller staking duo performs a seductive and edgy dance act that will have audiences hooked from the very first second. Our high octane roller skating dancers perform on a tiny circular stage, spinning round while our male performer lifts his female partner in mind blowing lifts and spins her at breakneck speed in an astonishing and nail biting performance. This sensual and dangerous act is gripping and fast paced entertainment that any audience will go wild for.

Book our incredible roller dancers for a heart racing spectacle you and your guests will never forget.



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