What You Can Expect

The Brief

Having experienced numerous themed parties in the past, the client wanted something new and quirky that was competitive and fun for guests. With the additional aspect of some members of the team to be involved with the night and learn a new skill.


  • To find a unique and accessible venue in the preferred catchment area with availability.
  • Designing a theme that would intrigue, and cover all the points in the brief.
  • Producing a fun, interactive event with style and sophistication fitting of a black tie evening.

Event Solution

Pastiche were brimming with ideas on how to create a tantalizing and spectacular party, that was completely different to anything that had been done before.

After discussing various options with the Client, it was decided a popular variation of our Strictly Come Dancing themed events would be created.

The intrigue of the theme gave us the creative licence to design a fun and interactive setting totally unique to this event.

It was decided that ten members of staff would participate in an event competition of Strictly Come Dancing, very much like an episode of the famous TV Programme, with the remaining guests as the audience for the night.


The ten members of staff embarked on a six month training programme, which took place in the surrounding area. For the first two months of training (an hour a week), all ten members of staff were taught as a group as to the basics of Ballroom Dancing.

After the initial two months, each member of staff was then paired off with their own professional dance partner. They then had individual lessons (an hour a week) with their professional dance partner, to choreograph and rehearse their own dance routine for the event.

To make the night interesting for guests at the event, a selection of different types of ballroom dances were taught and choreographed.
Example dance styles covered were :

Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Quickstep, Viennesse Waltz, Cha Cha Cha, Samba, Rumba, Paso Doble, Jive, Argentine Tango Salsa, Rock n Roll.

The Event & Competition

On the day of the event, the venue was transformed into what could easily have been mistaken for the set of Strictly Come Dancing the TV Show. At the top end of the room, a full stage set was erected, complete with elegant staircases, starlit backdrops, state of the art lighting and curtains, plus a couple of fully integrated video screens, one on each side.

A full sound system was installed with all the microphones and electrics required to create an outstanding event. In front of the stage area, a highly polished black and white dance-floor was installed, at the side of which was a raised area, with a desk, chairs and microphones for the judges to sit.

Surrounding the dance-floor, tables were arranged for the guests, in a horseshoe formation, to ensure everyone would have a great view of the competition and show.

As guests entered the room, they were greeted by a band who were playing background music on stage, creating the atmosphere for the night ahead.

Guests enjoyed a 3 course meal, and as soon as coffees had been served, the main event started.

To start the event in the right manner, all the professional dancers joined forces to perform an upbeat opening number with all the buzz and razzamatazz to create the mood for the evening. The Compere for the night then introduced the panel of judges, these being nationally recognised professional dance coaches, along with two of the professional dancers from the hit TV show.

As each couple, comprising of a staff member and their respective professional dance partner, were introduced on stage, a video of them in rehearsals plus a quick interview with them, were shown on the video screens. As soon as the video was finished, the couple moved on to the dance-floor. In full costume, they showcased the routine they had choreographed over the past few months.

After each performance the judges would pass comment and privately score each of the couples.

Once all the staff members and their partners had performed their routine, a special treat was in store for all the guests, as the two professional dancers from the hit TV Show performed a couple of breathtaking dance routines.

To round the competition off, all the staff members and their dance partners who took part were invited on to the dance-floor, where the winners were announced, and the trophy was presented by the TV dance personalities.

The DJ then continued with the party, where everyone could get on the dance-floor and show off their own moves !

The Result

The event was met with excitement and anticipation as the Strictly Come Dancing Show came to their event, in all its wild and colourful glory. Guests embraced the theme whole heartedly and a fun and memorable evening was had in the interactive and vibrant surroundings of this unforgettable party.

What the client said

“When the night finally came round we were blown away! The detail, effort and perfectionism that went into the training and the whole evening had been amazing! Pastiche let us step back and enjoy the event from start to finish. We definitely hope to use pastiche services for future parties and would most definitely recommend them to all! If you are looking for a new theme for an event or Christmas party then i would highly recommended pastiche.”



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