What You Can Expect


Assuming the identity of Sister Mary Clarence, Deloris is ordered to join the choir, where she finds her true calling, and begins coaching. In doing so, she manages to turn the choir into swingin’ singin’ Sisters.

Almost 20 years later, and for one night only, Pastiche allows guests to re-live the uplifting and joyous celebration with our Sister Act Party Theme.

  • Your guests will be greeted by fire artists dressed as monks and stilt-walking nuns.
  • Drinks and canapés served by Nuns
  • A whole host of entertainment include a bed of nails, ladder of swords, acrobatics and unbelievably bendy contortionists.
  • ‘Sister Act’ style choir of up to 100 singers to entertain guests.
  • Toe-tapping live stage show spectacular.

Party Ideas

As guests arrive outside the venue, they are greeted by Monks dressed in saffron robes, who are demonstrating their fire artistry skills. Upon entry to the event, guests congregate where they will experience Sister Stilt Walkers, adorned in full Nun costumes, who will meet and greet with guests. A fellow Sister ‘Mary’ is playing the organ (or piano) in one corner.

Sister ‘Mary’ has been told to play religious choral music for guests, upon arrival. However due to the influence of Sister Mary Clarence aka ‘Deloris’, each piece starts choral but soon changes into famous popular hits of today, with a hint of choral to keep Mother Superior happy !

Other Sisters are circulating around the room serving drinks and canapés. A Monk is showing off his skill, nerve and strength, as he performs both a bed of nails act as well as walking up a step ladder, which is made of swords instead of steps.


Eye-wateringly bendy and with exceptional poise and balance our Nun Contortionist will mesmerise the audience with the grace and elegance of the contortion and acro-balance, which concludes by her squeezing into a 21″X 17″X 17″ Perspex cube. Other Monks are displaying their inner strength and balance, with their acrobatic balance routines.

The culmination of music, performances and costumes add to the atmosphere, exhilaration and grandeur of this magnificent event in a truly prestigious venue. Dinner is announced and guests make their way through to the Main Room.

During Dinner, guests are treated to the main event, as Deloris aka ‘Sister Mary Clarence’, takes to the stage, with her ‘Sisters’ Choir. Prepare for nuns and tons of fun, as you join the biggest sisterhood in town, for the ultimate ‘Sister Act’ tribute show. This toe-tapping, sing-along spectacular, will take you on a fast paced musical journey that will entertain, excite and inspire.

Paying tribute to the iconic movies, the Choir will storm through hit after hit, at lightning fast pace. The choir can be made up of any number of performers, from 12 to 100 vocalists.


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