Mirror Men

Bring sparkle to your event by booking the sensational Mirror Men.

Pastiche can provide either Mirror Men Stilt Walkers or Mirror Men on foot. The Stilt Performers not only stands out due to their height, but also due to their unbeatable desire to have fun! Dazzling people with an array of lights bouncing off its costume in all directions, this mirror giant will impress your guests with quite unique entertainment!

An act that outshines everything else in the room, this mirrored performer quickly catches the eye of everyone in the crowd. Whatever the occasion, our mirror men are guaranteed to provide a real talking point among your guests.

The Mirror Men have phenomenal costumes covered entirely in mirrored mosaics. The elegant character has a sophisticated suit, gloves, top hat and even his face is completely mirrored. Each and every one of the tiny mirrored panels reflects lights and they bounce off in all different directions, making this walkabout act extremely good in a venue with lots of different colour lighting.

Available for stage shows and as mix and mingle entertainment, this walkabout mirror character can fully adapt his act to suit your requirements.

You will have the brilliant roaming characters interacting and having fun with the crowd providing a real talking point amongst the guests. Visually engaging and fantastic up close, the costumes are immaculately presented and jaw-dropping. Guests will be lining up to have photos taken with these stunning characters.

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