What You Can Expect

only one in Europe

Our LED pixel Cyr Wheel (the only one in Europe) will astonish your guests as our performer manipulates, dances and balances creating mesmerising visual effects, pictures and optical illusions. We can even display your personalised logos for no extra cost! Our acrobatic performer will dance and merge with the technology to take your audience on a sci-fi journey into a world as immersive as any computer game, with a few surprises in store along the way.


The LED Cyr Wheel brings the bold elegance of the Cyr Wheel into a vibrant new realm. Our system is equipped with a variety of colours, modes and patterns allowing us to cater to themes in vivid new ways.

never seen before

The Fire Cyr Wheel is also available which fuses the daring and grace of the Cyr Wheel with the majesty of fire. This performer is one of only three Artists in the world to perform this act. Show your audience something they’ve never seen before.



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