What You Can Expect

warmest of welcomes

Despite looking frosty on the outside, our Ice King & Queen will have nothing but the warmest of welcomes for your guests. They arrive with the winter chill and are enchanting, eye-catching characters straight out of a Winter Wonderland.

Resplendent in furs, flowing robes and glowing crowns, the Ice King and Queen will pose for photographs, enrapture children and adults alike, and bring a touch of glamour and shine to your event.

majesty and beauty

This stilt walking Snow Queen and her Snow King brings the majesty and beauty of icy winter to your event and is guaranteed to delight adults and children alike.

Her beautiful, crystal encrusted costume, adorned with fairy lights embodies the sprint of snow and frost and tells of a magical fairy-tale world, whilst her handsome King with his crown made of ice shards and stunningly regal costume oozes royalty – these two stilt walkers would not be out of place in Narnia!

festive or mysterious

This stunning winter themed stilt walking duo will imbue your event with a festive or mysterious atmosphere, depending on the client’s needs, and create a high-impact spectacle that guests will remember for years to come.

Majestic in daylight and nighttime alike, the serene beauty of the Snow King and Snow Queen is the ideal way to charm your guests of all ages while keeping a high quality, sophisticated aesthetic.


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