Drawn to them

As party entertainers, the Caricaturists are event entertainment and party entertainment that is truly amazing. Caricaturists bring fun and humour to your event that will ensure an amazing atmosphere to your next event.

What You Can Expect

variety of styles

There are also a wide variety of styles, black and white, full colour, and even digital Caricaturists, who print out their drawings.
We provide Caricaturists throughout the UK and they are some of our most popular entertainers, the great thing with a Caricaturist is that your guests get something to keep at the end of the evening.

Three hour sessions

The caricaturist usually work for a three hour session, and can perform at any venue, as well as for exhibitions to attract guests to stands.
The good thing with the caricaturists is that other guests can see what is being drawn and compare it to the model?

Projected or paper

We can provide the usual Caricaturists who can draw Caricatures on paper.
Alternatively, here at Pastiche we have embraced the technological era, by having our own digital Caricaturists, who can draw your Guests Caricatures on Ipad’s and email the finished version to each individual !



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