Head Over Heels!

As party entertainers, the Bouncy Stilts Performers are event entertainment and party entertainment that is truly amazing. Bouncy Stilts Performers will bring an amazing and exciting atmosphere to your next event.

What You Can Expect

Astonishing Feats

The Bouncy Stilt Artistes can perform astonishing feats such as acrobatics, flips and even bounce over a car – all on stilts. The Bouncy Stilts performers are ideal for creating characters such as Mr Tumnus from Narnia, Pirates and even Ninjas!

Vast Experience

Their vast experience at fantastic events such as the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympics, Ferrari events in Dubai all proves that they are in a league of their own.

Soloists and Troupes

The acts can perform as soloists as well as part of a troupe choreographing unbelievable sequences that will leave any audience amazed. They flip over cars, jump over people and generally leave your guests amazed!



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