Burlesque Party Theme

The Ooh-la-la of our Burlesque Theme Party

Based on the Golden Globe winning film from 2010, Pastiche is proud to present to you our Burlesque party theme.

This edgy, cheeky event epitomises the glamour of the 40’s pin-ups with the emphasis of the evening placed on tease and it really shows off the large array of entertainment Pastiche can bring to an event.

This jaw-dropping evening provides a naughty, yet always elegant theme, keeping your guests riveted for the entire evening at the incredible display of visuals and sounds.

We guarantee our Burlesque party theme will have pulses racing at this mind-blowing event.

Some features our Burlesque party theme includes.

  • Fire artistes, Stilt Walkers and Burlesque Showgirls at the venue’s entrance.
  • Caricaturists mingling among the guests.
  • Fortune-tellers for guests with a curiosity for the spiritual.
  • Entertainment provided by Jugglers, Burlesque ‘living statues’ and Burlesque Snake Handlers, Close-Up Magicians and more.
  • Burlesque style décor, Full curtained stage with incredible lighting and backdrops.
  • Live Burlesque dancing girls show with the ‘Can-Can’
  • For that added Wow Factor, we can create a full tiered Dinner Theatre style seating design.

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Burlesque themed party ideas and events

As your guests arrive, they are greeted by Fire Artistes who are performing outside the front doors of the venue in costume.  Upon entry to the event, guests will experience Stilt Walkers, adorned in Burlesque Showgirl costumes, who meet and greet your guests.

A Caricaturist will also mix and mingle with guests, and leave them with small, but fun mementos of the evening. For guests who have a spiritual curiosity, they may choose to have a reading from our very own Psychic who will tell them their future.

Other acts are available to enhance the experience such as Jugglers, Burlesque Living Statues and a Burlesque Snake Handler, to name but a few.

As your guests enter the dining room, they are flung back to the Parisian Burlesque era with various backdrops and lighting where required. As the meal commences, the Close-Up Magician and Caricaturist will work their way up and down the tables entertaining guests.

As the meal comes to an end, it’s time for the cabaret part of the evening. On stage there are a couple of star cloth backdrops with a large, curtained red heart entrance in the middle, from which the performers will appear.

Inspired by Burlesque, Pastiche has created a stunningly visual show, which combines bourgeois cabaret and sizzling routines. True to the original spirit of Burlesque and vaudeville, the beautifully choreographed routines take in everything from the ethereal, the breath-taking and the beautiful, to the macabre and the comic.

Captivating show from our Burlesque dancers

The music is hot, the numbers are high energy, and the girls are in stunning shape! The dancers, with their delicious blend of elegance, glamour, sexiness, playfulness and femininity, ensure a stunning theatrical and satirical performance.

The show includes Fan Dancing which is a slow paced, tasteful semi-striptease behind gorgeous feather fans – the focus of it is on the tease and the glamour. This is then topped off with the high kicks of the ‘Can-Can’, this seductive show will leave you completely swept off your feet!

Why not make the evening even more spectacular with a bespoke Burlesque theme event package featuring some of our amazing entertainers within this cheeky, sexy theme. Pastiche boasts a lavish selection of the finest Burlesque acts, together with a selection of circus and dance acts.

Incredible Entertainment

Acts available include Trapeze acts, Aerial Acrobatics within the confines of a Birdcage, a dancer inside an oversized Champagne Glass and a Burlesque snake dancer. The perfect recipe for an evening of pure, show stopping Burlesque!

Mixed with the Bohemian Thrills of the Racy Entertainment from the Parisian Burlesque Euphoric Party Scene, your guests will then dance the night away under French Stars!

Let Pastiche take you and your guests on a magical journey into the world of glamour, and prove that Burlesque is very much alive. Book now for this sultry entertainment extravaganza which is set to be this year’s hottest and cheekiest theme!

Please note with a Pastiche Burlesque Theme Night there is no nudity; after all, it’s all about ‘The Tease!

Call now on 0800 881 5665 to speak to one of our team

Or why not drop us an email and one of our team will contact you shortly.


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