How to Plan a Gala Dinner: A Complete Guide

Gala dinners hold an essential place within both the corporate world and the fundraising sector, serving as a key element for networking, celebrating achievements, and supporting noble causes. These events not only foster connections among attendees but also set the stage for organisations to showcase their values, achievements, and philanthropic efforts. The success of such … Continued

3 Corporate Christmas Event Ideas on a Budget

In the vibrant season of festive cheer, corporate Christmas events stand as a cornerstone for celebrating the year’s achievements and fostering team spirit, setting a positive tone for the upcoming year. Balancing the desire to host a memorable celebration with budget constraints can be a challenge for event planners. Recognising this, our focus is on … Continued

Top 5 Corporate Entertainment Ideas For Your Corporate Event

Selecting the right entertainment is crucial for the success of any corporate event. It not only enhances the experience for attendees but also reflects on the company’s brand and values. Innovative and engaging entertainment options can elevate the event, fostering better engagement and leaving a lasting impression on participants. With a focus on creativity and … Continued

How to Plan the Perfect James Bond Themed Event with Pastiche

James Bond stands as a symbol of sophistication, adventure, and the ultimate British spy persona, captivating audiences for generations. This iconic character not only defines a genre but also sets the standard for elegance and excitement in entertainment. Planning a James Bond themed event offers a unique opportunity to immerse guests in the thrilling world … Continued

Top 5 Creative Corporate Event Ideas for 2024

In the vibrant world of corporate event planning, settling on the perfect theme is not just an option; it’s a necessity that drives engagement, fosters a harmonious environment, and leaves an indelible mark on your attendees. The heart and soul of a memorable event lies in its theme, a linchpin that strings together the elements … Continued

How to Organise the Perfect Gala Dinner or Awards Night

In the sparkling world of event production, Pastiche stands as a beacon of excellence, weaving dreams into reality with unparalleled expertise in event management.  As a seasoned events company, we are here to share our wealth of knowledge from over 25 years of orchestrating dazzling corporate events, be it an awards dinner, product launch, or … Continued

How to Plan Corporate Events from A to Z

What is corporate event planning? In the business world, the role of a corporate event planner is to meticulously organise and execute events that cater to the company’s objectives and values. This planning process involves coordinating various elements such as, agenda, and speakers to make your event a seamless experience for all attendees. At Pastiche, … Continued

Recent Events – Anton du Beke hosts Strictly Themed Event

An Evening with Anton and Camilla – One of our corporate clients recently booked a rather fab Strictly Come Dancing themed evening and we have managed to snag some fantastic pitcures. The evening was hosted by none other than Anton du Beke, whilst one of the Judges was Camilla Dallerup, a Professional Dancer from the hit … Continued