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Since covid 19 all live events as we know them have been postponed or cancelled, with many Corporate and Private Clients looking at the possibility of running events online. At Pastiche, we now have virtual online acts available!

It is no wonder that Zoom has become even more popular over the last few months. With a vast majority of company Employees working from home, Zoom and many other conference call platforms have been a massive part in the ongoing fight to keep on top of productivity in the workplace whilst working remotely.

It is with this in mind we have put together some options to keep things fun and interactive in your conference calls by way of virtual entertainment.

Virtual and streaming events via zoom meetings or broadcasting through the various professional event broadcasting providers means the events can still take place and bring as much joy as physically being at the event but without the travel.

We can help to make your online content different from the rest of the zoom meetings, how about a zoom room host to welcome guests into breakout rooms?

We have acts perfect for virtual events, awards and conference in the same way that we would usually. All performing live and customisable and still be able to capture your audience’s attention.

You would be surprised at what we can create to ensure you have production like you would see if you were to attend the event in person.

As a back up for your event if you prefer to have the act pre recorded then this could be arranged too so in the event of any live issues, then the pre record could be used and picked back up where needed.

From online magic shows and virtual mind reading performances to virtual musicians.

For your next company conference call perhaps consider something engaging and entertaining to boost morale?

Here are some acts which have been tested and proven to work.

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We have literally hundreds of Acts ready to perform for you, however it’s impossible to list every act on our website. Therefore if you don’t see the Act you are interested in, please contact us.

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