Pastiche can also provide the choice of a traditional Indian Party suitable for traditional celebrations or events, or a Western tribute to the Bollywood theme, we bring to you the powerful story of lover over-coming all through this wonderful art-form.

What You Can Expect


Either a traditional Bollywood theme or a Western Tribute to Bollywood.

Traditional Indian musicians and Indian music.

Vibrant colours in our traditional Bollywood-style décor.

Indian dancers and Bhangra Band.

An incredible stage show not to be missed!

Party Ideas

Anything is possible in Bombay Nights…Bombay-Mumbai: one city with two names.

The story is of a young slum-dweller, Akaash, who dreams of becoming a huge movie star. His fateful encounter with the beautiful, strong willed Priya and her father, powerful but corrupt movie mogul Madan, seals his destiny.

Akaash can achieve his dreams of stardom, but at a price. Is he prepared to lose the people essential to his past which defines but now haunts him? Will Akaash and Priya’s love survive? Will they find their happy ending?……

Setting the scene for the evening ahead and serenading during the drinks reception, would be traditional Indian Musicians, leaving you all with just a hint of what is ahead and with the anticipation of what is about to happen as they enter the world of our Bollywood Theme Party.


As your guests enter the main dining area, they will be entering another world, one of rich, deep and vibrant colours enriched with gold and encrusted with jewels.

As the attention turns to the stage, it will be colour washed in an array of spectacular lighting effects. Our traditional Indian Dancers appear and perform their dazzling routines in a spectacular vision of colours, charisma and vibrancy.

As the dancers take their leave, the mood switches from one of extravagance to that of excitement, energy and above all fun as the Bhangra Band find themselves in the spotlight. What follows will leave your guests breathless as the band raises the level of excitement to fever pitch.

As the performance comes to an end, a single rhythmic drum beat can be heard and the stage will plunge into darkness. What you are about to witness is a spectacular recreation of the Hindu Deity – Laxmi. She is the wife of Lord Vishnu and the Hindu Goddess of good fortune and as such begins the climax of the show.


In a specially choreographed routine, you will see before your eyes an illusion of such magnificence, that it could only be a figment of your imagination. Appearing through a cloud of smoke and starting slowly, the four dancers who make up the four pairs of arms of the Goddess Laxmi, will begin to dance across the stage creating a rush of adrenalin and excitement.

As the dance of Laxmi reaches its highest point, the stage is once again filled with dancers, the Bhangra band are playing in the background and the show is about to reach its grand finale. The Laxmi dancers come together to recreate the famous pose of Laxmi with all eight arms positioned to perfect accuracy.

Just at the point where you think the excitement, energy, charisma and overall exuberance cannot be enhanced, a sudden explosion of smoke and a fountain of white fireworks rise into the air, either side of the stage, bringing this fantastic show to its brilliant climax.



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