Medieval Banquet Theme Party



For journey filled with magic, myths and mystique, Pastiche is proud to bring to you our Medieval Theme Party.

Let us take you back to when King Arthur sat on the throne, the Knights of the Round Table fought for King and country and the antics of Merlin the Magician would become the stuff of legends.

Whether you are looking to create something special for a celebration or whether you are looking to provide something different for your up-coming event, our Medieval Theme is guaranteed to keep your guests entertained from the first minute to the last.



Individual, wax sealed scrolls will be sent to your guests, inviting them to an audience with King Arthur. As your guests arrive, they will be able to visit the Alchemist’s Store or have the chance for Mystic Morgana to foretell their fate.

Guests will be seated in groups at their own table, each one themed to a Knight of the Round Table. You must choose one guest from each table to be knighted and thus become answerable to the King. My Lords will be provided with Jester hats and jewelled crowns will adorn the fair heads of My Ladies.

The King will compere the evening and introduce the courses, as well as offering an evening of comedy and entertainment. Beware, do not attempt to leave the King’s table for any reason without first seeking permission as his executioner awaits!



  • Individual, wax-sealed invitations sent to each guest.
  • An ‘Alchemists Store’, Fortune Teller and more greet guest upon arrival.
  • Fancy dress more than welcome.
  • Medieval Banquet theme décor, with tables, set themed to Knights of Round Table.
  • A whole host of medieval-costumed entertainers from Jesters, Jugglers, Jousting and much more provide entertainment throughout.
  • The incredible sword fight between the White Knight and the wicked black Knight.
  • A Disco to round off this non-stop event.


Musical accompaniment is provided by a group of wandering minstrels, playing authentic instruments and singing folk songs of the time. Medieval Jugglers will stroll around, mixing and mingling with guests.

Remember, in the Middle Ages you would not be given knives or forks!! (Actually this is optional). While the serving wenches pour more mead, the Jester will entertain… will the King’s servant keep his head? Of course, Merlin will ‘appear’ from time to time to personally entertain each table with his own brand of close-up magic. Each table will be invited to take part in our own version of the Medieval games… this is jousting like you’ve never seen before!


Our Fighting and Jousting Knights, have many years’ experience of performing throughout the UK and Europe. We encourage you to cheer for our White Knight in shining armour, who is fighting to protect a lady’s honour, and boo for the Black Knight, who doesn’t play by the rules.

Gasp as you watch the unmatched speed, dexterity and stamina of our stunt actors in armour and as they stage unbelievable sword fights and hand to hand combat, using an array of medieval implements.

At our parties, chivalry is very much still alive and kicking as opponents challenge each other to be King’s Champion. If you have space and the grounds, we can provide Jousting Knights on horseback.

We will end this fabulous evening by whisking your guests back to the present and a chance to dance the night away at the Medieval Disco to tracks like Knights in White Satin, Here Comes the Knight and I Joust Called to Say I love You!

Sound good?

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