Gangsters and Molls

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Join the murky underworld in our Gangsters & Molls Theme Party

The city is Chicago, the year is 1920, the era of Al Capone and Prohibition – and this is where our Gangsters and Molls theme party begins.

In an event which is similar to our 20s theme party, this party stylishly taps into the corruption in the dog-eat-dog-world of the Windy City in the 1920’s, our Gangsters and Molls theme delivers excitement, entertainment and an incredible extravaganza of live music, dancing, stunts and much, much more.

Perfect for any celebration or corporate event, our Gangsters and Molls theme party is sure to resonate with all your guests as you enter the world of a gangster.

Some features of our Gangsters and Molls Theme Party.

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  • Secret password to get past our Gangster Doormen.
  • Authentic sounds from a 1920’s Jazz Band.
  • Gangsters and Detectives mingling amongst guests.
  • Gangsters and Molls stage show.
  • Gangsters and Cops shoot-out.
  • 1920’s Dancing Girls.
  • Full Prohibition Stage Set and theming.
  • 1920’s style gambling den.

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Gangsters & Molls Theme Party Ideas

As guests arrive to their Gangsters & Molls Theme Party, they will be asked on entry for the secret password by one of the Gangster Doormen. Guests will hear the authentic sounds of our very own 1920’s Jazz Band setting the scene for the evening.

Pre-dinner drinks are served in tea cups, as of course we are in the time of Prohibition and they are now in an illicit 1920’s drinking den! If you are alert, you will spot a couple of infamous looking characters lurking around suspiciously – could be gangsters, could be detectives – all will be revealed over dinner.

Once you and your guests are seated, the real fun begins as the Gangster & Molls show starts with a true Prohibition theme. With shoot outs and car chases, this is a Murder Mystery with a difference – it’s gangster land and you are in the middle of the feud between Al Capone and the cops. May the best man win!

Prohibition theme adds an extra bit of spice to the evening.

As the Prohibition act draws to a close, it’s time to sit back and enjoy the best in Twenties dancing as we introduce ‘Sophistication’, four lovely young floozies brought to you all the way from Chicago – performing a variety of dances, including the famous Charleston.

As ‘Sophistication’ leave the stage, it’s time to drag you from 1920s Chicago up to the more modern times of the Blues Brothers. As our Jake and Elwood take the stage, you will be stunned by their music, dancing and vitality on stage, giving you the chance to dance to all the favourite songs from the Soul era.

Entertainment into the small hours.

For those not so light of foot, there is the lure of the gambling den, with low lights, plenty of smoke and shady looking characters. You will have the chance to try your luck at the card tables and woe betide you if you cheat – the Mafia will not punish you lightly!!

There is only one way to finish the evening off, and after all the excitement of the night, a good old fashioned DJ will bring this amazing evening to an end – and you would be gangsters and molls can return to the lives you know!

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