The Ultimate Las Vegas Show

Viva Las Vegas !

This Vegas spectacular boasts Enigma, one of the UK’s leading illusionists, having won critical acclaim and thrilled audiences all over the world.


The show takes you on an unforgettable journey into a world of magic, mystery and imagination, complete with heart-thumping music, Dancers, Acrobatics, Fire and blended with a Tribute to the era of Rat Pack and Elvis, backed by stunning Vegas Showgirls.

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Witness an energetic show with some of the most innovative and spectacular illusions ever seen. A dynamic fusion of magic, music, dance and spellbinding illusions, combined with a touch of Cirque will highlight the outstanding talents of the world class artistes performing.
The ultimate way to experience the best of Las Vegas entertainment all wrapped up in one action packed show ! This ‘WOW’ factor production incorporates stunning costumes, high energy choreography, heart-stopping illusion and state of the art production elements.

One of the top stage magicians in the world today, Enigma brings sophistication and glamour of Las Vegas illusions to each performance. The recipient of numerous international awards and accolades, Enigma has been performing to audiences’ standing ovations across the country for more than a decade. Fascinated by magic most of his life, Enigma always loves to amaze and amuse his audiences as much as his audiences like watching the magic.


Enigma is the stage name of Magician & Illusionist Paul Taylor, From humble beginnings, his road to success has been faced with many challenges. Yet he has managed to travel the world performing magic, leaving audiences stunned. Celebrities, Sport Personalities, Rock & Pop Stars – he’s wowed them all.

Indeed, one of Enigma’s great qualities is the fact that he never stops working. An awe-inspiringly committed performer, who always gives it his all. He is determined to present us, his audience, with the best show imaginable, and he never lets us down.

“I aim to put on a show where people say ‘ I really enjoyed that. I forgot about all the rubbish going in the rest of my life.’ I want them to come out afterwards saying “Wow!”

Another reason why Enigma is such a great performer is that he sets himself such high standards. “I’m never satisfied” he confirms. “I’m always thinking, ‘Why didn’t that work? And reviewing things to make them better. I like things to be exactly how I want them.

“It takes at least two years to develop illusions and some of them take even longer,” says Enigma. “I love to challenge my team and myself by pushing the envelope and working on new methods and ideas. I don’t always take the easiest route. Sometimes, the ultimate solution requires months of brainstorming, miniatures and mock-ups, and testing just to make an idea a reality.”

The Show is about the power of imagination and how it can transform our perception of what is possible. Enigma’s view of the world opens up limitless possibilities and for the first time Guests are able to see some of these ideas come to life, live on stage.

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All types of groups have enjoyed the experience of The Magic of Enigma!

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