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Real or Fake ? You decide !

Hire Living statues, they are great fun and come in a variety of styles.

We hire Living Statues for a wide range of clients including local Councils, and as street performers at company parties or on exhibition stands.

The Living Statues are great, so realistic and inanimate that you want to touch them, but please don’t it may put them off.

The living statues offer great photo opportunities and come in hundreds of styles.

Contact us now to discuss your theme and what Living Statue would be best to hire.

Living Statute

Pastiche Living Statues

The Living Statues are great acts, it should be easy just sitting, or standing there, but you try it for just five minutes, it takes immense concentration.

The Living Statues can shock guests when they suddenly come to life to change stances, this is particularly effective if children are around as they are spell bound the statue actually moves.

We have all the mix and mingle Entertainers available and the Living Statues or Human Statues are great acts.

You can hire Human Statues in many different styles.

The corporate Living Statues can wear company uniforms or promote certain products.

The wedding and party Living Statues are great, they are so still guests don’t realise they are human till they get close.

Sound good?

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