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A Costumed Character will entertain the children at your event with a quality costume Costumed Characters for weddings that will be instantly recognised and adored!

Light up your children’s day by hiring a Costumed Character to mingle, play party games and pose for photos! The Costumed Character will be well rehearsed in how to put on a good show for children, with many of the performers being qualified actors.

You will be able to choose for a huge variety of famous costumes to hire for the performer to wear at the event. These may include the most popular cartoon characters of all time from children’s films such as: Frozen, Jungle Book, Toy Story, Minions, Harry Potter, The Lion King, Finding Nemo, Shrek, Inside Out, Monsters Inc and many more!

Mainly, a Costumed Character will entertain your audience with a fantastic live show that will put the wow factor into celebrations and impress your guests, whatever their entertainment tastes may be.




Book a Costumed Character for Wedding Entertainment:

Wedding Drinks Reception Entertainment:
After the bride and groom have become husband and wife, you may want to hire a Costumed Character to entertain the younger crowd at your wedding reception! Hire a Costumed Character and the entertainment for children at your wedding reception will be taken care of! As the wedding photographer is taking the wedding photos, and the adults are sipping on those first precious glasses of champagne, the hired Costumed Character will thrill the kids at your wedding as they stroll around as Winnie The Pooh, Mickey Mouse or a Minion!

Wedding Evening Reception Entertainment:
So, you’ve booked a live wedding band or a wedding DJ for your wedding evening reception, but what about the children’s entertainment at your wedding? May we suggest hiring a Costumed Character to entertain the kids! The Costumed Character will offer a host of games for the children as well as meet and greet photos!

Book a Costumed Character for your Corporate Event or Venue

Hire a Costumed Character for your children’s corporate event! This could be for shopping centre entertainment, where the Costumed Character will draw a large crowd as they mix and mingle and stop for photos!

Or maybe you want to hire a Costumed Character for in-store activities at your shop? Whether you own a toy store or garden tool shop, a Costumed Character will be money well spent as children drag their parents in to meet their cartoon heroes!

How about hiring a Costumed Character to entertain everyone at a children’s festival or a fate? We can guarantee that children will be fascinated as the Costumed Character is dancing, playing games and taking on the personality traits of that particular children’s character!

If you are looking for entertainment for a primary school assembly or a holiday camp, then hire a Costumed Character and your entertainment issues will be solved!



Book a Costumed Character for Party Entertainment

Hire a Costumed Character for your children’s party entertainment and your party goers will be over the moon! Some professional Costumed Characters will have constructed a full children’s show that they can perform such as a pirate show! Other Costumed Characters will be more mix and mingle children’s entertainers who will ensure that no child is left out!

Maybe your child is mad about Elsa from Frozen? What about the huge range of Marvel superhero Costumed Characters that can be hired for your children’s party? You could have Spiderman making an appearance? Or Batman could pop in to say hi! Or maybe Iron Man is the superhero for you? How about the vast range of Children’s television characters such as The Simpsons? Maybe Buzz Lightyear could be to the rescue! Or how about Cinderella or Snow White?

There are so many Costumed Characters you can choose from that whatever you child’s tastes may be, you will be able to delight them with a surprise appearance from their hero!

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