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Chinese New Year & Oriental Inspired Acts

For Chinese New Year parties the Chinese Lion is the must have choice to add instant Chinese atmosphere, fabulous colour and excitement!

Energetic, colourful and we think totally adorable! The Chinese Lion is an auspicious animal who it is believed brings good luck, particularly for Chinese New Year (or the Spring Festival).

Our Chinese Lion Dancers and Performers are absolutely stunning, they are great at any event from fun days, theme parties, parties and even as a promotion, putting a good luck charm on a product or business. They are great entertainers and very colourful.

They are not only for the Chinese New Year but available at all times,. The ”Chinese Lion Dancers for hire” are great – it really is a festival of colour and dance. We hire Chinese lion dancers throughout the UK for a wide base of clients, and they are always well received.

Along with the Chinese Lion Dancers we supply a variety of other Oriental Inspired Acts such as our Geisha Girls, Ninja’s and Money Gods.

Our Performers are great for :
Meet & Greet
Chinese New Year Parades
Shopping Centre Entertainment – moving through crowds
Product Launches
High Impact Staged Performance
Mix and Mingle
Wedding Entertainment

Geisha Girl

Geisha Girl

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