Our Aerialist Performers are talented professional artists who flaunt the laws of physics. With beautiful costume design, and sky-high choreography sure to elicit gasps of awe from your guests, Aerial Performers are a popular choice for important events such as product launches, parties that include important clients and/or guests of honour, and events where it’s all about the visual spectacle.

Aerialists started as circus performers who did their art on the trapeze, or sky-high tightropes. Nowadays, aerialists also use strong silk, giant rings suspended in mid-air, and other such similar apparatus to defy gravity with breathtaking daring.

We have various Aerialist acts, all of whom will provide your event with death defying feats of skill, as they perform high above your guests, showcasing their dedication and elegance, with stunning choreography, they will create beautiful aerial artistry.

You can choose from the following Aerial Acts who can perform via rigging from the ceiling or on a freestanding rig :

Aerial Hoop Act
Enjoy the thrill and spectacle of Aerial Hoop Displays as they perform gymnastic tricks and demonstrate incredible flexibility and strength. Suitable for all event types and with a choice of costumes, it will be the highlight of your night!

Aerial Silks Act
Our elegant silk performers leave members of any audience in awe as they suspend themselves from the air with flowing silk drapes to assist them. Performing the most dramatic silks routines with flying somersaults, exciting drops and extreme flexibility, Aerial Silk Displays will thrill any audience with their high-energy and tightly choreographed routines.

Aerial Duo Act
Wanting double the excitement, then why not book our Aerial Duo Act. Delivering a high-quality circus entertainment experience our Aerial Duo will make an impact and leave last impressions with your guests. They will impress everyone with their skill and finesse as they combine acrobatics, balancing and strength to create this fantastic act.

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