Christmas Elves

Hire Christmas Elves from Pastiche, as they are great characters for any Christmas promotion or party. We hire Christmas Elves for shopping centre promotions, Santa’s Grotto’s as helpers, and Christmas parties giving out favours and drinks.

The Christmas Elves are cheeky chappies, dressed in bright costumes and with a hint of mischief they go about their business. The Christmas Elves are great performers and actors and it is like having real people like those from the films at your party. Who are Santa’s little helpers it’s the Christmas Elves – and they can be your little helpers, assisting the father Christmas hire, distributing presents, if there are a great many children at your event.

You can hire Santa and elves or just each of them on their own. We hire Father Christmas and Elves to shopping centres and many other clients. The party Elves are great entertainers, often multi disciplined entertainers who have a range of skills. 

The Christmas Elves are great fun, they run around, joking and japing and are like little comedy characters. The Christmas Elves are both male and female and usually are multi-disciplined entertainers – so they may have some hidden skills to please the guests, this is dependent upon which Christmas Elves you book though. The nature of the Christmas elves business is very seasonal so we recommend you hire your Christmas Elves well in advance.

We also have our Naughty Little Elfers, if you want something different

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